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Subins Update 1.2

Subins has been updated to 1.2. The new changes have been made on Subins and is updated today. The sites that affected the changes are: Contents 1 Subins Chat 2 Accounts 3 Subins 4 Friendshood 5 Subins GET Subins Chat In Subins Chat the design has been changed. The bugs have been fixed and It’s more fast than before.... [READ MORE]

New : Change background of Subins Network.

You can now change background of this blog and the whole Subins Network. You can only do this if you have a account in Subins. If you don’t have an account you can signup @  To change background you must go to My Account in Subins. In the left sidebar click Appearance. Click Themes or Background to change the background. Hope you like it.... [READ MORE]

My Short URL – a site for shortening URL’s

My Short URL is my latest invention. A site for shortening URL’s like and You can short URL’s on the site MSURL.TK. <div> </div> As other projects the site is also hosted by AppFog and the free domain is given by My.Dot.TK. The project was created under 30 minutes and the lines of code is less that 64. It’s written in PHP as you already know it.... [READ MORE]

Subins Games : A new Game site from Subins

This is my 5th project. The Subins Games. This site is for playing games.  Functions Commenting Score saving Play History Add your game Game stats  (And adding new ones!) Like all the other projects this project has used Javascript Library Jquery and the server side language is PHP. This site’s games is the combination of old PFOGB and G2E.... [READ MORE]

FriendsHood – A new Social Network from Subins

Friendshood is vulnerable to MySQL Injection and shouldn’t be used anymore. Please see my latest project : Original Post : Many of you now know the project I’ve been working on. In that project I have created a social Network called FriendsHood. I created this social network because my friends have been telling me to create a social network. They told me because School said to block Facebook and no student should use Facebook.... [READ MORE]

How to add Subins Like button to blogger/blogspot

You might have know The Subins Project created by me. It is hosted by AppFog. If you want to add Subins Like button to your blog, then follow these steps. Go to Blogger Place this code where you want to add the Subins Like Button. BLOG URL‘> If you want to add like button on post footer then follow the steps mentioned below.... [READ MORE]

Subins Project Online – Thanks to App Fog

You might have know the project I have been working on. The Subins Project. I have spent a year on this project. My wish was to host this on a site. But I couldn’t afford the hosting charges cause I’m 12 and my dad won’t lend me money. I took a leave because of fever. On that day I was browsing the internet and out of nowhere I saw a post about a site named AppFog.... [READ MORE]

The Subins Project

UPDATE - 2019 There are some posts on Subins. But, I never wrote detailed about "The Subins Project". I don't know why. So I'm writing this for archival purposes. I lost the source code of "The Subins Project" because I accidentally formatted by whole drive back in 2013 during an installation of Windows XP (their installer is very bad !... [READ MORE]


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