Subins Project Online – Thanks to App Fog

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You might have know the project I have been working on. The Subins Project. I have spent a year on this project. My wish was to host this on a site. But I couldn’t afford the hosting charges cause I’m 12 and my dad won’t lend me money.

I took a leave because of fever. On that day I was browsing the internet and out of nowhere I saw a post about a site named AppFog. The post said that AppFog gives free hosting on their servers under their domain name. So quickly I went to AppFog and signed up. It was pretty easy. I created my site in the domain

I uploaded my project using a RubyGem named AF. I just need to install the GEM and use the command af. Since I uses Linux it was pretty easy. I Love AppFog.

Then I created more sites associated with Subins. The services which have been uploaded and full working are the following :-

  1. Subins
  2. Accounts
  3. Chat
  4. Friendshood

I am working on uploading more services I created but I don’t have time cause Christmas Exam is coming soon and mom won’t let me use the internet. Exams will start on 13 December and will end on 21 December. I will upload more services after the exams.

BTW signup for Subins @ Subins Signup Page.
Hope you like it 🙂

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