Subins Update 1.2

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Subins has been updated to 1.2. The new changes have been made on Subins and is updated today. The sites that affected the changes are:

Subins Chat

In Subins Chat the design has been changed. The bugs have been fixed and It’s more fast than before.
Subins Chat is not only a group chat but a place for submitting suggestions, bugs, errors and feedback.
Please report any errors or bugs happening on any of the sites of Subins in Subins Chat.

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Only the PHP code is changed. Others are all the same. Added extra security measures.


PHP code changed. The pagination CSS has been changed. More colourful. Automatic adding of results.


Friendshood was discontinued a while back, but now it has been restored. Friendshood‘s style has been changed. Like button, Comment button and Share button style is changed to new and attarctive style. Uploading Image bug has been fixed, Thanks to ImgUr

Subins GET

Subins Apps and Subins Games have been merged to Subins GET

Subins GET has a new function which Converts YouTube video to MP3. The converted MP3 file is added to Subins GET  database with the video picture, URL and uploader name. 

Subins GET is the site which has a lot of changes in this update.

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