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UPDATE - 2019

There are some posts on Subins. But, I never wrote detailed about “The Subins Project”. I don’t know why. So I’m writing this for archival purposes.

I lost the source code of “The Subins Project” because I accidentally formatted by whole drive back in 2013 during an installation of Windows XP (their installer is very bad !).

I named it “Subins” seeing how Linux was named from its creator Linus. It had a

  • Search engine
  • Chat site (Google hangouts like)
  • Social network site called Friendshood (like Facebook)
  • Games site (like Chrome web store)
  • Videos site (YouTube)
  • Wiki site (like wikipedia)
  • URL Shortener. This was my first repo in GitHub, but it’s not the exact site
  • and some more (I don’t remember)

I didn’t know GitHub back then, else would have published the source code.


It was created entirely with PHP and had design/style inspired (and copied ?) from Google, Facebook and elsewhere. I learnt web development with this project :

Starting from a google search of "How to create a website" to "How to host on AppFog".

I spent countless hours working on it. I think I started this in 2011 November or something and it got hosted in 2012 December.

I was in 7th & 8th grade during the time.

The project was hosted online with help of [] (a PaaS provider) in 2012. They gave free hosting back then. I wrote a blog post on it here.

The code was a disaster

  • I used mysql_query() for everything. The whole site was vulnerable to MySQL Injection and probably lots of other vulnerabilities.
    • One of my friend did point this to me and I took down the site cause all the user details was easily accessible.
  • The code had bad indentation and coding standards. I kinda remember it. It was very ugly. YUCK !
  • Passwords weren’t hashed. DISASTER 💯

What’s Left

All that’s left of “The Subins Project” are these screenshots and the archived webpages on :


And looking back now :

Although it was a disaster, I learnt a LOT !

That’s what matters at the end :)

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