FriendsHood – A new Social Network from Subins

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Friendshood is vulnerable to MySQL Injection and shouldn’t be used anymore. Please see my latest project :
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Many of you now know the project I’ve been working on. In that project I have created a social Network called FriendsHood. I created this social network because my friends have been telling me to create a social network. They told me because School said to block Facebook and no student should use Facebook.

So I decided to create a social network. I started to create FriendsHood before the creation of Subins.

Now FriendsHood has like functionComment Function & Share function.

Note that FriendsHood is currently under development. Some functions will not work. Check out Friendshood here.

With the help of AppFog I got to host FriendsHood for free @ the link

Please Signup.

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