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Default TTL (Time To Live) Values of Different OS

TTL (Time To Live) is a timer value included in packets sent over networks that tells the recipient how long to hold or use the packet before discarding and expiring the data (packet). TTL values are different for different Operating Systems. So, you can determine the OS based on the TTL value. You can get the TTL value by pinging an address. Here is the output got by pinging "" on my system :... [READ MORE]

Use uTorrent Without Installing (Portable uTorrent)

Torrents are the most common thing computer users hear of. There are torrent downloading, torrent sharing and many others. Torrent has become a business in the WWW. Due to the increase in demand of torrents, there should be torrent clients that downloads the files of a torrent. The most popular of them is uTorrent – A Windows package. uTorrent is widely used by computer enthusiasts. uTorrent is widely used because of it’s lightness, simple usage and limitless options.... [READ MORE]

How To Use FileZilla/SFTP To Update Site in OpenShift

In the recent post, I mentioned about OpenShift, a PaaS Service that offers Free Hosting. You can update your application using GIT. OpenShift also provides SSHing into your application. You may have heard of FTP protocol which allows you to transfer files through web. Most hosting companies use FTP protocol to update client apps. OpenShift unlike AppFog have FTP support, but in a different manner. It has SFTP support ie SSH File Transfer Protocol.... [READ MORE]

How To Use Hard Disk As RAM In Ubuntu Linux

I heard that it is possible to use a portion of hard disk as RAM in Windows. I wondered if this trick is available for Ubuntu, so I googled about it and couldn’t find anything related to it. But I found out an AskUbuntu answer of using USB sticks as RAM. I did the same trick on Hard Disk and it works !! This trick can be accomplished with the use of some small commands in Terminal.... [READ MORE]

Wine 1.6 is released with 10,000 changes

After 16 months of development, Wine version 1.6 has been officially released by the Wine Team. Wine is the Windows Program emulator for Linux and Mac. You can download the source files from here. You can only get the source files now. Binary packages are in the process of being built. If it’s been build you can download the Wine 1.6 version from here. What’s New ? New User Interface Networking capabilities Support for Windows Transparency Graphics improved JoyStick Installing Mono package for .... [READ MORE]

Revert back to normal resolution after running a fullscreen app in Wine

While running a fullscreen app in Wine such as games, you might not get the screen resolution back after you close the app. It’s because Linux won’t automatically change it’s resolution like Windows. But you could if you run a simple file in terminal. Here is how you could do it. Create a file named in your Desktop with the following contents: #!/bin/bash xrandr -s 0 Save it on a place where you can open it easily.... [READ MORE]

Why you should switch to Linux from Windows 8

Definition of Windows : An Operating System that helps Microsoft Corporation increase their income and helps you to empty your wallet. Definition of Linux : An Operating System that helps users in a great manner and not for the profit of the company. Here is why you should switch to Linux from Windows... [READ MORE]

How to make your Windows 8 PC speak out Time at Every Hour

Thanks for this useful information by NextOfWindows This small tutorial will make your PC speak out the time every hour. This will help especially if you’re a programer. Because programmers usually lose track of time. Most Programmers don’t use a Windows OS. But there are some ! This tutorial is for those people. Create a file named time.vbs containing these code : Dim speaks, speech <div style="text-align: left;"> <span style="background-color: white;"><span style="font-family: inherit; line-height: 25px; text-align: center;">speaks = "It is " & hour(time) & " O’clock"</span></span> </div> <p> <span style="font-family: inherit;"><span style="background-color: white;"></span></span> </p> <div style="text-align: left;"> <span style="background-color: white;"><span style="font-family: inherit; line-height: 25px; text-align: center;">Set speech = CreateObject("sapi.... [READ MORE]

Microsoft’s New Logo

Microsoft got a new Logo after 25 years. Here is the new logo. This Microsoft New logo contains the four sqaure and the name of the company. Logo designer Sagi Haviv for the Library of Congress and Armani Exchange, thinks that the logo simply isn’t distinctive enough. By opting for a simple array of four colored squares, Haviv says Microsoft missed a big opportunity.It kinda looks like Google’s Logo.... [READ MORE]


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