Wine 1.6 is released with 10,000 changes

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After 16 months of development, Wine version 1.6 has been officially released by the Wine Team. Wine is the Windows Program emulator for Linux and Mac. You can download the source files from here. You can only get the source files now. Binary packages are in the process of being built. If it’s been build you can download the Wine 1.6 version from here.

What’s New ?

  1. New User Interface
  2. Networking capabilities
  3. Support for Windows Transparency
  4. Graphics improved
  5. JoyStick Installing
  6. Mono package for .NET applications support
  7. Support of new softwares and games.
  8. Improved Input validation
  9. Mac Driver
  10. Direct3D

and more. Wine Team officially said that the new Wine version more than 10,000 changes. 

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