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In My Name is Linux

As you know already, my full name is Subin Siby. What’s special about my name is that it’s connected to Linux. As you may have seen, executable files on a Linux system is in the directory /usr/bin, /usr/sbin and /sbin. If you look at it closely, you can see that sbin only misses the character u from my name. If you add “u” to the name, it’ll become /usr/subin. Creepy & Fun, right ?... [READ MORE]

GOD Is Open Source

This is just my opinion. Say what you think about this using the comments. There are many many religions in the world and we are all part of a religion (or not). But, whatever the religion we are in, we all have a single GOD. A GOD who created atoms to the biggest mammal in Earth. All religions are just a path to GOD. Every religion points to GOD and whatever religion we choose, we all reach a single place.... [READ MORE]

9th Grade Is Over :-(

Today marks the end of 9th grade in my school life. It’s been a wonderful journey with a lot of laughs and seriousness. Got nice grades in the exams and all ends well & happy. Today, my classmates went wild. We celebrated and celebrated until the window was broken. The student who didn’t break the window with consciousness got beat up by the principal. It was painful to watch and hear his screaming.... [READ MORE]

Blog’s 3rd Anniversary

Today, January 30 marks the 3rd anniversary of this blog. Thanks to everyone who have supported me and this blog. With out your help, I couldn’t have run this blog for 3 years. Here are the 5 popular posts of the last 3 years : HOW TO ADD A HEADER IMAGE TO BLOGGER DYNAMIC VIEWS HOW TO REPAIR/RESTORE/REINSTALL GRUB 2 USING A UBUNTU LIVE CD HOW TO ADD A FIXED HEADER TO BLOGGER BLOG... [READ MORE]

Blog Changes For My 14th Birthday

My birthday is here. So long to the age 13. I will turn 14 in 3 hours from the published time of this post. My blog has been changed as like my age. This blog will turn 3 years on January 30. A lot of changes happened to this blog since the launch. I still have the memory of the moment when I created this blog with my brother and the help of my neighbor Simraj.... [READ MORE]

10 Songs for Making Programming Better

When I am coding my site Open or my blog, I hear a lot of songs along with coding. It makes me energetic and will help calm me down when an error occurs. The error probably will be a simple mistake but causes a lot of time to solve it. To calm me down I will play a song and BINGO ! I fixed the error. Here are the songs that make my coding easier and refreshes my mind.... [READ MORE]

Subins Project Online – Thanks to App Fog

You might have know the project I have been working on. The Subins Project. I have spent a year on this project. My wish was to host this on a site. But I couldn’t afford the hosting charges cause I’m 12 and my dad won’t lend me money. I took a leave because of fever. On that day I was browsing the internet and out of nowhere I saw a post about a site named AppFog.... [READ MORE]

Free Palestine

Israel again bombed Palestine. Why are they doing this ? We all are equal irrespective of religion. We all got an education.  Grow up people. Muslims, Jews…. everyone are same. Don’t look people by religion. Why they want to start a World War 3 ??? Why can’t they no we can all just get along ???  You can’t kill people in the name name of religion. How can the Israelis live with these much blood on their hands.... [READ MORE]



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