In My Name is Linux

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As you know already, my full name is Subin Siby. What’s special about my name is that it’s connected to Linux. As you may have seen, executable files on a Linux system is in the directory /usr/bin/usr/sbin and /sbin. If you look at it closely, you can see that sbin only misses the character u from my name. If you add “u” to the name, it’ll become /usr/subin.

Creepy & Fun, right ? I can assure you one thing. I wasn’t named after the directory /sbin. It was a totally random decision to make my name Subin and there are a number of people in Kerala who has the name Subin. So I’m not alone.

Also, the word bin is coming in my name. Some call it Recycle Bin as in Windows and real life. The other bin word in Linux is the directory /usr/bin. **


Also, there is a command in Linux called su. It is used for changing user ID or become superuser. Also, su comes in the command sudo.

In short words, my name is entirely based on Linux except my last name which is of my dad’s. No wonder why I like Linux 🙂

From what I have arrived, It creeps me out and what an incredible coincidence.

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