9th Grade Is Over :-(

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Today marks the end of 9th grade in my school life. It’s been a wonderful journey with a lot of laughs and seriousness. Got nice grades in the exams and all ends well & happy. Today, my classmates went wild. We celebrated and celebrated until the window was broken. The student who didn’t break the window with consciousness got beat up by the principal. It was painful to watch and hear his screaming.

Today was a great day and also a bad day. One of my classmates cried and others tried their best to make the final day of 9th grade fun and happier. Like students, teachers were also in a good mood today. Everyone was happy and we communicated together like friends.

Maths teacher asked us to introduce puzzles for solving in class. Recently while I was surfing through StackOverflow, I read this StackExchange Maths Question of Pythagorus’ Theorem and it helped me ask it as a puzzle. Nobody got the answer and I had to explain it myself which made me understand more about it :

Pythagorus' Theorem With Relation Of Squares

Pythagorus’ Theorem With Relation Of Squares
Animation Showing relation between Pythagorus' theorem and Square Area
Animation Showing relation between Pythagorus’ theorem and Square Area

Tomorrow, Friday and Monday are holidays for studying. But I wouldn’t open my book until Saturday / Sunday. Probably because of the laziness.

Now, I only have a year left in my school life – the 10th grade. I’m very sad right now. Where did all my years go ? I really hope someone invent a Time Machine, so that I could recover my lost years when I thought school was s***. But, now I understand that school is a real blessing that you won’t get back in life. So, I have to enjoy my last year as I can.

As any 9th graders would think, this year went on too fast. Everything was going on way too fast. I still remember the first time I entered in to the class on June 2013. Now, it’s 2014 and there goes everything.

This year was so awesome that I wrote a post about it on my blog unlike the previous years. There were so many memories and I won’t forget at all. Thank you and this journey was awesome. I hope next year would too become as fun and awesome as this year.

Since my exams are coming, I won’t be able to publish posts like before. Sorry…

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