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20 Years Of Revolving Around The Sun

Writing this at Delhi airport waiting for the flight back home. I came to the capital city of India for KDE India Conference. This blog is a part of the revolving around the sun series : 19 years of revolving around the sun 18 years of revolving around the sun 17 years of revolving around the sun This birthday is very fancy : 01-20-2020 20:20:20 MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm:SS I’m turning 20 on 20 in the year of 2020.... [READ MORE]

Curse Words

I have an interesting story of how I learnt & used a curse word. Myru In Malayalam, a main curse word is “myru” which translates to “pubic hair”. In Tamil, it simply means “hair”. You can just go to a barber shop and say “annaa, cut my myru”, but in Malayalam this sentence is hilarious 🤣. When you refer the word to someone, it becomes “myre”. It’s like calling someone bro, but in the worst way possible :... [READ MORE]

19 Years Of Revolving Around The Sun

Writing this at CUSAT MakeATon Hackathon. Part of the revolving around series : 18 years of revolving around the sun 17 years of revolving around the sun age = 18 age = age + 1 I have officially revolved around the sun 19 times. 19 years of existence. This is the beginning of my last teenage year. I feel old. A tagline that I’ve been using these days is “A 21st century teen”.... [READ MORE]

2018 Year Review 👏👏👏

Year Review 👏👏👏 And there goes another year. Been very inactive in this blog. Should have blogged of some of the major events, but couldn’t. I’m all now posting stories on Instagram and on my channel in Telegram. Here’s a summing up of my year 2018. Coding I kinda tried doing a #100DaysOfCode challenge, but stopped at 73. This is my longest streak ever on GitHub ! When I look back at my contribution wall, I can see what I’ve been doing my whole year.... [READ MORE]

OpenStreetMap Mapathon on Software Freedom Day 2018

I mentioned about me working with the FOSS club of my college in a recent post. Well, we’re getting more active ! On Software Freedom Day 2018, we did an OpenStreetMap mapathon. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. Unlike Google Maps, OSM is completely open source. Its data can be accessed and used by anyone. Because of this, many softwares and organizations use OSM.... [READ MORE]

18 Years Of Revolving Around The Sun

I’m legally an adult now. I have successfully revolved around the sun 18 times. Yay ! This post is dedicated to the future me who will be having nostalgic feelings reading this. Hey there, future me ! Coding Lobby was a mistake. I think I’ve wasted my 2 years in developing it. I was too ambitious. But I gained a lot of experience. This was the first time that I got into cross-compiling, virtual environments, Android development, etc.... [READ MORE]

17 Years Of Revolving Around The Sun

Sweet 17 ! The age in between an adult and juvenile. I’m going to take a relook at my 16th year. Coding Lobby 1.0 was released. That was a trough one. Francium logSys 0.7 was released Updates to Francium voice Release of Francium Diffsocket & Francium Star Many more contributions to FOSS I could have done more if there was less school. I also got into Android programming and released my first app Lobby.... [READ MORE]

Google Code In 2016

Google Code In is a contest run by Google for teenagers (13-17) to promote contributing to open source projects. It is like Google Summer Of Code, but for teenagers who are not in colleges. This is my 4th time in Code In and it was fantastic just like before. Here’s a summary : 2013 – Wikimedia 2014 – Drupal 2015 – Ubuntu 2016 – Wikimedia This year (2016), I chose Wikimedia again !... [READ MORE]

My Interview With Paysa

Paysa is the world’s first platform to empower individuals to maximize their salary across the span of their career. I have taken a look at Paysa and it’s wonderful to know that you can get self-evaluated about your career and salary. I didn’t know there was one. It also gives you guidance to follow the career path of your choice. An excellent service indeed ! I’m very happy that such a company like Paysa has interviewed me.... [READ MORE]

New Theme Brenton

It’s been some time since I have been active on this blog. For the past months, I had been paying little attention to my blog. It’s because I was busy with other projects and school of course. From now on, I’ll try to make the blog more active. As a first step, I have updated the theme. This is the third update to the theme. The previous themes were named “Subin’s Blog V1” & “Subin’s Blog V2”.... [READ MORE]



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