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How To Cache GPG Passphrase In Ubuntu

I got into Debian packaging and one of the most brutal part was to type in the GPG secret key’s password every time I sign a package. I wasted a lot of time typing my long password. I searched a lot to cache my password for some time after I type it once. All of them said to edit gpg-agent.conf, but none of them worked for my fresh installation of Xubuntu 16.... [READ MORE]

Draw Animated Christmas Tree In Bash

It's Christmas again and you'll be receiving all kinds of greetings. How about greeting them back with a fancy way ? Show off your nerdiness with this super cool Christmas Tree in Bash. All you need is a bash shell. Most systems have bash shell by default, so you don't have to install anything for this ! All thanks goes to the Argentian programmer Sergio Lepore for this cool script.... [READ MORE]

Ubuntu Dekko

This post is part of the Google Code in 2015. The task was to Build the dekko app and run all testsuites. You can see the task here. My System Xubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf :Xubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf Dependencies Installation First of all, I downloaded Ubuntu SDK with the help of this guide. Then, I got the source code URL from Ubuntu Developers Site : git clone The source code was about 29 MB.... [READ MORE]

Resuming Download In Wget, cURL & aria2c

We all download stuffs and we want it to be perfect. No lagging, just download the fastest way, right ? I don’t download via browsers these days, because it is too slow (< 5 KB/s). Google Chrome downloads are the worst. So, I download via command line now. Not all downloading is easy. Sometimes it will break up. So, we must resume it. Only some servers allow to resume downloads.... [READ MORE]

Configuring SSH to Enter a Password Automatically

As you know, when you SSH into a system, it will ask for the password which you have to enter everytime. But in cases where you’re SSHing in a script or in a loop, its a really time consuming and boring thing to enter password everytime. So, in this case you have to configure SSH to use a password to enter when asked. But, there is no default option in the ssh command to set this due to security reasons I think.... [READ MORE]

Install Softwares With Dependencies Without Internet

Debian Systems like Ubuntu and others’ software packages has the extension .deb. With the file, you can install softwares on your system. While you click the "Install" button on Ubuntu Software Center or on Synaptic Package Manger, what the system actually do is downloading the .deb file from the server and installing it. These .deb files are installed using the dpkg software. It’s not necessarily required for you to have internet to install softwares, but if you don’t have the dependencies of the software, internet is required for the software to download and install it.... [READ MORE]

Create a localhost Website in Ubuntu 11.04 & Up

In a post, I told how to create a localhost website using Apache server in Ubuntu. It worked on all versions up to Ubuntu’s 10.10th version. But on Ubuntu versions 11.04 and the versions released after it, there were some changes to the Apache server. So, by this post I’m going to update the way to create a localhost hosted website in Ubuntu versions 11.04 and the versions that came after 11.... [READ MORE]

How To Use FileZilla/SFTP To Update Site in OpenShift

In the recent post, I mentioned about OpenShift, a PaaS Service that offers Free Hosting. You can update your application using GIT. OpenShift also provides SSHing into your application. You may have heard of FTP protocol which allows you to transfer files through web. Most hosting companies use FTP protocol to update client apps. OpenShift unlike AppFog have FTP support, but in a different manner. It has SFTP support ie SSH File Transfer Protocol.... [READ MORE]

How To Change Your Country By Using Proxy in Ubuntu ?

There are certain restrictions on some sites such as Country Restriction. Mostly there are sites just for US citizens. For Example The most 99 cent domain offers from GoDaddy is only available to US citizens. They check the country by IP Address. I’m going to tell you how to Change your Country by changing the IP address using a PROXY. This is explained to work on Ubuntu, you can also use this method in Windows & Others but in a different way.... [READ MORE]

How To Use Hard Disk As RAM In Ubuntu Linux

I heard that it is possible to use a portion of hard disk as RAM in Windows. I wondered if this trick is available for Ubuntu, so I googled about it and couldn’t find anything related to it. But I found out an AskUbuntu answer of using USB sticks as RAM. I did the same trick on Hard Disk and it works !! This trick can be accomplished with the use of some small commands in Terminal.... [READ MORE]


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