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Make A Blank Template / HTML Page In Blogger

Blogger Templates can be very messed up with lots and lots of code. If you are trying to create a Blogger Template from scratch, the first thing you need is a blank HTML page. That’s exactly what we are going to do today. Demo Blogger Simple Template To Blank Page Criterias Blogger won’t allow you to just add the following code as template : <html> <head> <title>My Awesome Blank Blog</title> </head> <body> </body> </html> They will print out errors if you try to save the template.... [READ MORE]

Disable Blogger Official CSS From Loading In Template

Blogger adds their CSS styles to every templates. These files’ load time will make your site slow. So for a better user experience, Blogger CSS files should be removed. But there isn’t any Settings page for this. Blogger automatically add it’s style sheets. But you can disable the loading with a simple hack. Blogger Style Sheets The Blogger CSS files are these : When Blogger updates, the above URL’s will also change.... [READ MORE]

Move Blog From Blogger To WordPress With Posts Redirection

If you are fed up with Blogger and wants to move to WordPress, you took a right decision. When migrating, you have to make sure that the posts on your Blogger blog should redirect to the post on the new domain. This might get tricky. If it get tricky, you will lose your visitors. You can find the step by step instructions to properly migrate a Blogger Blog To WordPress with a method to redirect old blog posts to your new blog posts.... [READ MORE]

E4KS : The Great Work Done By Rajeev Joseph

There are millions of bloggers and blogs in the World Wide Web (WWW). 90 % of those blogs are useful. There are a lot of people who would visit those blogs. Since there are a lot of viewers, most of the blog owners would set up ads on their blog to get maximum revenue. Most of the Bloggers (including me) only set up blogs just to get revenue from it. I’m gonna introduce you to a man that has helped a lot of students (including me) of Kerala.... [READ MORE]

Automatically Redirect A Blogger Blog To Another URL

You can redirect your blog to another URL. This redirection can be done using JavaScript or by adding a special meta tag. This redirection is useful when you want to redirect your old blog users to your new blog. The function we use in JavaScript is window.location and the meta tag has http-equiv attribute. DEMO So Let’s begin. Go to Blogger -> Blog to be redirected -> Template -> Edit HTML. You will get a box with a lot of text.... [READ MORE]

Fix: Dynamic Views failed to load properly

Well, this problem is pretty annoying to everyone who is using Dynamic Views, even to me. It’s a Blogger fault as always and there has not been a solution to the problem since it started on the Dynamic Views launch. Päivi & Santeri of Global Nomads founded a solution to this problem. Oh! I didn’t said the problem was. The problem is that the whole Blog will fail to load completely/properly. Some of the problems happen when the blog won’t properly load are listed below:... [READ MORE]

Disabling sidebar from fading out in Blogger Dynamic Views Template

The black sidebar on the right side of the blog is hidden and is only visible when mouse is over it. This is a problem because most of the users who are visiting your blog won’t even see the sidebar. The following list shows the advantages of having a sidebar not fading out : Google + Followers Increases More people will subscribe to your blog People will know the popularity of your blog when they see the blog stats and others…….... [READ MORE]

How To Integrate Disqus Into Blogger Dynamic Views

Disqus works in normal Blogger template but won’t work in Dynamic Views because it don’t support HTML/Javascript widget. But you can edit the contents in head tag of Template and I found a way to integrate the Disqus commenting system in to Blogger. I’m gonna show you how to do that. DEMO Works On Sidebar Classic Flipcard Magazine Mosaic Snapshot Timeslide Disadvantages On Classic Templates Disqus will only be available for the first post, because they won’t allow you to put more than 1 Disqus Comment box on a page... [READ MORE]

Is embedding video from YouTube an Adsense violation ?

Many embed YouTube video in to their blogs. This is a adsense violation if the video has: Copyright content Owner is not you Video is Copyrighted and no one is allowed to put it on a site The reasons above may be a reason why your Adsense application was rejected. Please THINK BEFORE YOU ACT while writing each blog posts. You should make sure that the post you are about to write isn’t a copied content or doesn’t contain a copyrighted material such as images, videos etc……... [READ MORE]

How to show Disqus comment count in Blogger

Many of sites have switched to Disqus comment system. It’s fast, easy and simple to use. Many wanted to show the comment count on their homepages. For showing the comment count on your Blogger Blog you can just do a simple trick. Go to **Blogger -> Template** -> Edit HTML. Place this Javascript code above . <script type="text/javascript"> /* * * CONFIGURATION VARIABLES: EDIT BEFORE PASTING INTO YOUR WEBPAGE * * */ var disqus_shortname = '<span style="... [READ MORE]


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