Disabling sidebar from fading out in Blogger Dynamic Views Template

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The black sidebar on the right side of the blog is hidden and is only visible when mouse is over it. This is a problem because most of the users who are visiting your blog won’t even see the sidebar. The following list shows the advantages of having a sidebar not fading out :

  1. Google + Followers Increases
  2. More people will subscribe to your blog
  3. People will know the popularity of your blog when they see the blog stats
  4. and others…….

So I’m gonna tell you how to prevent the sidebar from fading out to the right side.
First of all Go to Blogger -> Template -> Customise
Choose Advanced option and click on the Add CSS button from the sub options. Paste the following code in the white box:

#gadget-dock{right: 0px !important;}


Now go to your blog and see the sidebar not moving anywhere and is standing still.

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