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Friendshood Update new feature – Post to Facebook

I updated Friendshood. The new feature is that the user can post status update and photos to Facebook along with posting in Friendshood. I implemented this function using Facebook PHP SDK. You can download the SDK here. It was not quite easy. It was hard to make Picture uploading function along with the normal status update. Next I’m gonna implement twitter posting from Friendshood. I’m gonna tell you how to post a status update in the following posts.... [READ MORE]

Subins Update 1.2

Subins has been updated to 1.2. The new changes have been made on Subins and is updated today. The sites that affected the changes are: Contents 1 Subins Chat 2 Accounts 3 Subins 4 Friendshood 5 Subins GET Subins Chat In Subins Chat the design has been changed. The bugs have been fixed and It’s more fast than before.... [READ MORE]

FriendsHood – A new Social Network from Subins

Friendshood is vulnerable to MySQL Injection and shouldn’t be used anymore. Please see my latest project : Original Post : Many of you now know the project I’ve been working on. In that project I have created a social Network called FriendsHood. I created this social network because my friends have been telling me to create a social network. They told me because School said to block Facebook and no student should use Facebook.... [READ MORE]


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