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Create A Profile Picture Framer Web App

You might have seen your Facebook friends’ fancy profile pictures with the frame of the sports team they support. These days for any major events, the best way to support them is by adding a frame to your profile picture with their logo. Football (soccer) is my favorite sport. My state Kerala have a franchise club in the Indian Super League called Kerala Blasters. We are the largest club by average crowd attendance and the fans are so passionate.... [READ MORE]

WhatsApp Acquired By Facebook For $19 Billion

The giant mobile messaging service WhatsApp has been acquired by social network giant Facebook for 19 billion US dollars. This is the biggest acquisition by Facebook in their 10 years. Facebook is making it’s way to enter the mobile communication world. The acquisition will make the WhatsApp CEO a billionare. This acquisition will make benefit to both WhatsApp and Facebook. Both companies’ CEO has been in discussions for 2 years.... [READ MORE]

Add Invite Facebook Friends Feature In A Website

Please read this before continuing : Looks like Facebook is making restrictions into this. Note that, this tutorial is not officially supported by Facebook. You can say this is a trick or a hack. So, no guarantee whether this will work now or in the future. This worked before, but it has been noted that Facebook is restricting this "hack". There is an Invite feature for Facebook apps.... [READ MORE]

Implementing Login With Facebook In PHP

In the last post, I introduced you to a PHP OAuth Class named OAuth API. In this post I’m going to tell you how to implement Login With Facebook feature in PHP using the class I introduced. It’s very simple. I will tell the ways of implementing step by step. This tutorial includes placing a Login with Facebook button on web site to authorization and finishes when we get user details.... [READ MORE]

Add Floating Like Box to Blogger Blog

Every Success Blog was popularized with the social integration such as Like Box, Share Box, Commenting and others. The social sharing widget will help other users to reach your blog. So, In this tutorial I’m going to tell you how to add a Floating Like Box. I made the like box floating, because wherever the user goes the like box will also go with him. Hence the user will notice the like box all the time and he will click sometime during his visit.... [READ MORE]

Facebook Hacker Cup 2013:Beautiful Strings solution in PHP

Here is the solution for FHC 2013 Beautiful Strings problem in PHP: $ip = fopen(‘input.txt‘, "r"); $test_cases = trim(fgets($ip));     $c=1;     while($c!= $test_cases+1){         $case=preg_replace(‘/[^a-z]+/’, ", strtolower(trim(fgets($ip))));         $vals=array_count_values(str_split($case));         arsort($vals);         $beauty=26;         $max_b=0;         foreach($vals as $v){             $max_b +=$v*$beauty;             $beauty–;... [READ MORE]

Create Facebook Like System With jQuery, MySQL, PDO In PHP

Facebook have it’s own like system which pretty good. This post will tell you how to create a "Like system" like that of Facebook. All you have to need is jQuery, MySQL Database and PDO PHP extension. This technic is partially used in my social network, Open. See the demo there in the social network. But you have to signup. DEMO You should create a user table with users data including user id, username, password, email etc…... [READ MORE]

Friendshood Update new feature – Post to Facebook

I updated Friendshood. The new feature is that the user can post status update and photos to Facebook along with posting in Friendshood. I implemented this function using Facebook PHP SDK. You can download the SDK here. It was not quite easy. It was hard to make Picture uploading function along with the normal status update. Next I’m gonna implement twitter posting from Friendshood. I’m gonna tell you how to post a status update in the following posts.... [READ MORE]

How to get Facebook PHP SDK and install it

Download Facebook PHP SDK from here. Extract the folder src in the zip file to a folder named fbsdk in the home directory of your app. Installation There is no installation. You can run the functions in the file if you put this line at top of each file you run the SDK functions : include(‘fbsdk/facebook.php’); Facebook SDK requires the following to work properly : JSON PHP extension. CURL PHP extension.... [READ MORE]

How To Create A Facebook App

Facebook App is something every site or app wants. A Facebook App can be used for so many purposes like Login With Facebook feature ,for a game on Facebook and so many others. Since there are so many Facebook users, it’s necessary to have a Facebook App for your site. In this post I ‘m going to tell you how to create a Facebook App. Go to click the "... [READ MORE]


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