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Every Success Blog was popularized with the social integration such as Like Box, Share Box, Commenting and others. The social sharing widget will help other users to reach your blog. So, In this tutorial I’m going to tell you how to add a Floating Like Box. I made the like box floating, because wherever the user goes the like box will also go with him. Hence the user will notice the like box all the time and he will click sometime during his visit. The liking action will be posted to his Facebook Wall or Google + page or his Twitter and his friends who sees this post will also visit. That friends too like your post if it is good and thus your post will pass along a lot of people.

In this Floating Box, there are 5 like plugins. They are :

  1. Facebook Like
  2. Twitter Tweet
  3. Google Plus +1
  4. Pinterest Pinning
  5. Stumbleupon Submission

Let’s begin. First of all go to Blogger -> YOUR BLOG -> Layout.
Add a new HTML/JavaScript widget.

Leave the title value of the widget blank.
Then add the following contents :


Yes, It’s a long code. If you want it less, Here is the compressed version :

Be sure to change the values accordingly. The values to change are :

  1. Pinterest Image URL
  2. Pinterest Description

Please don’t change variable names or any piece of the code, because it may cause problems in the working of the floating share box.
If there’s any problems/suggestions/feedback just say it out in the comment box below.

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