WhatsApp Acquired By Facebook For $19 Billion

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The giant mobile messaging service WhatsApp has been acquired by social network giant Facebook for 19 billion US dollars. This is the biggest acquisition by Facebook in their 10 years. Facebook is making it’s way to enter the mobile communication world.


The acquisition will make the WhatsApp CEO a billionare. This acquisition will make benefit to both WhatsApp and Facebook. Both companies’ CEO has been in discussions for 2 years. And the time has come for WhatsApp to sell to Facebook.

By this acquisition Facebook is getting more users in which there is a great number of young people. The employees of WhatsApp will have restricted stock units to vest over 4 years following the closing of the deal. WhatsApp C.E.O Jan Koum will be joining the Facebook board of directors.

There has been reports that Google tried to buy WhatsApp (link). This report is not yet verified. But there is a chance of Google trying to buy WhatsApp. Facebook & WhatsApp will totally be benefited by this acquisition.

In my opinion, WhatsApp shouldn’t be sold. More people would have joined WhatsApp in a few more years when mobile becomes the most used device in the world. It’s a real shame that WhatsApp has been sold. On an emerging era of mobile phones, products like WhatsApp have a great chance in the market. If the C.E.O Jan Koum didn’t sell WhatsApp, he would have got more that **$**16 billion by 2020.

A very bad decision by WhatsApp. Jan Koum should have played the game like Mark Zuckerberg by not selling the company even if Microsoft comes to buy.

PS : I have never used WhatsApp.

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