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Create A Profile Picture Framer Web App

You might have seen your Facebook friends’ fancy profile pictures with the frame of the sports team they support. These days for any major events, the best way to support them is by adding a frame to your profile picture with their logo. Football (soccer) is my favorite sport. My state Kerala have a franchise club in the Indian Super League called Kerala Blasters. We are the largest club by average crowd attendance and the fans are so passionate.... [READ MORE]

Notebook Paper Design Text Editor With jQuery

Hey, all.. it’s been a while since I wrote anything on my blog. Sorry guys, but I was working on a project which will be released soon. 🙂 WYSIWYG editors are used by us all on the web and if we are going to create a site, it’s better if the editor on it is WYSIWYG. There are many text editors, but there are none with a Notebook Paper design.... [READ MORE]

Newton Color Disc in jQuery

Newton Color Disc is used to find the color got by the combination of multiple colors. The color is not actually formed, but the eye identifies the combination as another color due to persistence of vision. Normally, Newton’s Color disk is made by marking sectors filled with color on a circular shaped disc. When this disc is rotated at high speed, we see the circle as another color. This principle led to the method of creating different colors by the combination of some primary colors at different percentage compositions.... [READ MORE]

Animated AJAX Login Form With jQuery

The Web is growing rapidly. Each day, new features are arriving. With the coming of AJAX, many websites became more easy to handle. With jQuery, websites became more attractive with animations and styles. In this tutorial, we are going to create a stylish animated Login Form with jQuery, CSS & AJAX. With this, the login time for the user is greatly reduced as the page shouldn’t be loader all over again.... [READ MORE]

Compress PHP Site – HTML, CSS & JS

UPDATE Site Compressor is now an app on Lobby. To use Site Compressor, download Lobby and install Site Compressor app. Compressing / minifying a site’s code will improve the data transfer from server to the client. The browser will be easily able to get the content from server. There are a lot of benefits that comes with site compression. I use compression too in my own way. My site Open is heavily compressed.... [READ MORE]

Create A Search Engine In PHP, MySQL | Part 1

When we all search on the web using Google, Yahoo or Bing, we are curious about how it works and how it gets all the information on the web. When us programmers started coding, we all wanted to create a search engine. I too attempted to create a search engine and I ultimately failed (3 years back). But now, I improved my coding skills, improved my knowledge and ideas. So, I decided to create a new search engine with automatic crawling, indexing and stuff.... [READ MORE]

Group Chat In PHP With Users’ Typing Status

I wrote a post on creating Group Chat in PHP. A comment was posted by Ravi asking if it was possible to include user’s typing status. It was a fascinating and a good idea to add user’s typing status. So, I worked on the code and knew it was possible. I’m going to tell you how to implement the display of users’ typing status on the Group Chat I created earlier.... [READ MORE]

Disable Blogger Official CSS From Loading In Template

Blogger adds their CSS styles to every templates. These files’ load time will make your site slow. So for a better user experience, Blogger CSS files should be removed. But there isn’t any Settings page for this. Blogger automatically add it’s style sheets. But you can disable the loading with a simple hack. Blogger Style Sheets The Blogger CSS files are these : When Blogger updates, the above URL’s will also change.... [READ MORE]

How To Add Disqus Recent Comments Widget

In the last post, I told the way to implement Disqus Combination widget to your web site which have recent comments, popular threads and commented users, all in one. But, if you only need one of it, why load all 3 of them. So, if you only want the Recent Comments widget, you will find this post useful. Screenshot Disqus Recent Comments Widget You can also see a demo on JsFiddle.... [READ MORE]

How To Add Disqus Combination Widget With Customization

Disqus is one of the most used commenting systems in websites. It’s easy, fast and customizable. Disqus also support real time comments. Like any other commenting systems, Disqus provides various widgets for showcasing comments, discussions and commenters. They also have a widget that combines all these together. It is very easy to install this "combination" widget.Disqus Combination Widget You can include this code in Blogger’s HTML Widget or in WordPress’ Text Widget :... [READ MORE]


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