Newton Color Disc in jQuery

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Newton Color Disc is used to find the color got by the combination of multiple colors. The color is not actually formed, but the eye identifies the combination as another color due to persistence of vision.

Normally, Newton’s Color disk is made by marking sectors filled with color on a circular shaped disc. When this disc is rotated at high speed, we see the circle as another color. This principle led to the method of creating different colors by the combination of some primary colors at different percentage compositions.

We use this principle in the web too. The RGB combination is used in web pages to make colors too. If the colors Red, Green and Blue is mixed together, we get White color.

I have decided to convert the Newton Color Disc in to the digital state which led to the creation of the Newton Color Disc jQuery plugin. With this plugin, a Newton Color Disc can be made with combinations of any colour !


It mainly use jQuery and for creating the circle with sectors, the plugin uses Raphaël JS library. It is a great library for creating SVG images by JavaScript itself.

For animation, we completely use CSS. The new CSS 3.0 specially helps to rotate the disc by animation.

How It Works

When the plugin function is called on an element, then a div element containing a SVG image is appended to the element from which it was called.

The SVG image is of a circle with sectors filled with colors that was given to the plugin. Then, the disc is rotated by the calling of another functions. What this function does is that starts the animation using CSS after setting the speed using animation-speed property.

As the value of animation-speed property decreases, the speed of rotation increases. So, it’s inversely proportional.



Adds the color disc into #holder element. But, does not start rotating.

$("#holder").colorDisc("speed", "0.0001")

Sets the speed of the disc to "0.0001". As the value of the speed decreases, the rotation of disc in creases. So, the rotation of disc with the speed value "1" will be very slower than that of the disc which have value of "0.01".

The speed of the disc can be changes anytime even when it’s rotating. But, the disc will restart rotation from the beginning.


Stops the animation and removes the color disc inside the #holder element.

That’s all the usages which I think is enough to manage a color disc. Note that the color disc will work greater on computers which have a good Graphics Processing Unit – GPU.

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