2018 Year Review 👏👏👏

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Year Review 👏👏👏

And there goes another year. Been very inactive in this blog. Should have blogged of some of the major events, but couldn't. I'm all now posting stories on Instagram and on my channel in Telegram. Here's a summing up of my year 2018.


I kinda tried doing a #100DaysOfCode challenge, but stopped at 73. This is my longest streak ever on GitHub !

When I look back at my contribution wall, I can see what I've been doing my whole year. It's kind of like a journal and you don't have to write anything. It just explains itself !



A book exchanging webapp specifically meant for colleges. I made this to learn Django & ReactJS.


Created this in semester break to implement in the following semester, but it wasn't complete. Have to work on this and possibly implement it in my college soon !


A disaster management software for volunteers and rescue teams. Created as part of hackathons.



Ceated TorrentBro in 2017. Added some more features to it I think. I don't remember much :D


This year, I participated in my very first hackathon and went on to more hackathons !

Photos, experience and stuff I did there are all uploaded as stories in my Instagram profile !


HackForTomorrow is my first ever hackathon. Me and my college senior, Geon George participated in it. I didn't know what hackathons were.

And we won 2nd ! Our project was OpenSalve, a disaster management software.

FISAT TechPlanet

The next hackathon was at FISAT TechPlanet. Our team consisted of 5, all from college. We won 1st !

Hardware Hackathon

I never got into hardware hackathon but I was curious. So I got into a hardware hackathon to see how things were. We didn't win anything but the experience was damn awesome !

NASA SpaceApps

Level up 🆙. I travelled solo 300KMs to Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram to participate in NASA's SpaceApps challenge. This hackathon was 48 hours and is the best hackathon I've been to.


Winning 2nd position in HackForTomorrow got us into a direct entry to IBeto. I teamed up with 4 people who I met in HackForTomorrow event. We were able to make an Android app of OpenSalve and make the OpenSalve backend more better.


College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram conducts their annual tech fest called Drishti. I participated in MCA deaprtment's DCOD3.0 competition. The aim is to find the best techie. It had interesting various rounds.

There was a round to decrypt encrypted values which I found very interesting. I was able to solve it. It was in PHP. All I had to do was reverse engineer the encrypt function.

At the end, passing through 8 challenges, I won DCOD3.0 !


The last hackathon I've been to is Local Hack Day. It was a general hackathon and what we made is a site of information about Linux distributions.

Hackathons Are Great

I had this worry in my mind of going to hackathon thinking that I won't be able to do well in it and other people are all smarter than me and stuff. I wanted to know what hackathons are like. So I went for HackForTomorrow and enjoyed it !

There are all kinds of people at hackathons. Whether you're an absolute beginner or not, just go. Hackathons are the best place to learn. You're in a room full of vibrant people collaborating and learning together.

And it's not just for coders. A software has all kinds of people involved in it; coders, designers, testers, documentation people and so on. You can pick your path and be in a team.

Hackathons are all about learning, collaborating and sharing together. The experience I got from attending such events is tremendous. And I got to meet a lot of fun, interesting people. And I'm now doing projects with them !



I talked about revamping the FOSS club of our college in an old post.

Here's the update : It's going REALLY WELL ! We now have a good community of people. Got a website set up, social media accounts and did a lot of events ! I should make an entire blog post on FOSSers itself, cause there's lot to say ! (Into the wishlist it goes !).

FOSSers Website

FOSSers Instagram

FOSSers Telegram


Pretty rad ! I disliked college at first, but visiting other colleges and seeing the state, I became more happy with my college 😂. Students in my class are not that most-active, but are alright. Just need to push, set them ablaze to do stuff.

The CSE juniors who just came 5 months back are pretty awesome. Vibrant bunch of people.

I'm now more of an extrovert now. I got to know that there are a lot of interesting, fun people in my class and college itself. All you gotta do is find them which is why I'm trying to be friends with almost everybody ! I'm now a people person 😁🤗

Every person's interesting and I have something in common to talk to. I'm that middle intersection in a Venn Diagram 🤓

Introvert -> extrovert đŸ’¯

If I had time and interest, I would have written a lot more. Have an exam on 2019 January 4th. Oh and BTW, I'm not focusing on academics much anymore.

I'm writing this all in a hurry and I've missed a lot. Perhaps another post soon 🤞

Peace out ✌ī¸

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