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How to Empty Trash of root user in Ubuntu

Install nautilus-gksu About Nautilus-gksu Privilege granting extension for nautilus using gksu The gksu extension for nautilus allows you to open files with administration privileges using the context menu when browsing your files with nautilus. Reboot computer after installing nautilus-gksu  Open your home folder. Right click on any folder and click Open as administrator. You will enter root user. On the left pane you will see root home.... [READ MORE]

Custom Cursor CSS

This css code will help you to add custom cursor image. SEE DEMO Copy this css code to your html page. body {cursor: url(, url(, auto; } OR Copy this to your css file body {cursor: url(, url(, auto;}... [READ MORE]

How to add a header image to Blogger Dynamic Views

You must have seen some blogs like mine and Blogger Buzz which have a header image like this. These header images make the blog attractive. Do you want to add a header image to your blog like this ? Then you are in the right place. It is very easy to do this in your blog. You only need to add few codes to your Blogger Template. Note :- You must have enabled a Dynamic views Template on your blog to use this feature.... [READ MORE]

Can’t Boot Ubuntu after installing Nvidia Driver.

NOTE – Go to this post to fix this problem. If that post didn’t helped you the do the steps in this post. A lot of people has trouble booting in to Ubuntu after installation of Nvidia Driver. Finally I had found a solution to this problem. On the boot menu Click Ubuntu Recovery Mode You will see a  Blue Screen . On the options scroll down and click on failsafex... [READ MORE]

How to see transit of Venus using Stellarium in Ubuntu

U can watch transit of Venus in your Computer Edubuntu operating system using Stellarium.To know more click the link below SIMMASH Efingers Google <p> <b>To view in Ubuntu&nbsp;</b><br />Go to<br /><span style="color: blue;"><b>Applications &#8211;> Ubuntu Software Center &#8211;></b></span><br />and search for&nbsp;<b>Stellarium&nbsp;</b>and click install button<br />Then do the steps as shown below</div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> <b>Steps</b> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> ***** </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> <b><span style="color: blue;">Applications&#8212;>Science&#8212;->Stellarium</span></b> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> in tool bar select&nbsp;<b><span style="color: blue;">location window</span></b>&nbsp;, then select country name the location u need </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> here we type India country name and location kunnamkulam </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> &#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212; </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> in tool bar select<span style="color: blue;">&nbsp;<b>Search window</b></span> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> <span style="color: blue;">find objec</span>t position </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> in here we type&nbsp;<b>venus&nbsp;</b>on the search box </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> by scrolling mouse you can zoom the selected object </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> &#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;&#8212;- </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> in tool bar select&nbsp;<b><span style="color: blue;">Date And Time</span></b> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> adjust the date&nbsp;<b>2012/6/6&nbsp;</b>and time&nbsp;<b>1:00:00</b> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> in status bar selec<span style="color: blue;">t&nbsp;<b>inceasing and decreasing the time</b></span> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> using the keyes&nbsp;<b>L</b>&nbsp;and<b>&nbsp;J&nbsp;</b>on key- board </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> The transit also between the time&nbsp;<b>6:00 to 10:15 in kunnamkulam</b><br /><b><br /></b> </div> <div style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"> </div></div> ... [READ MORE]

Hide or show a div using data sent to a php file

This tutorial will help you to send data to a php file to hide a div ie sending a string to a php file to hide a div.Follow these steps. 1 : Open the php file which contains the div to hide.       Paste this code above the  tag <blockquote class="tr_bq"> <p> <b><style type="text/css"></b><b><span style="font-family: Times, 'Times New Roman', serif;">#<?php echo $_GET[&#8216;div&#8217;]; ?>{</span></b><b><span style="font-family: Times, 'Times New Roman', serif;"><span style="color: red;">display:none;</span></span></b><b><span style="font-family: Times, 'Times New Roman', serif;">}</span></b><b><span style="font-family: Times, 'Times New Roman', serif;"></style></span></b> </p> </blockquote>... [READ MORE]

How to open PHP files in Ubuntu instead of downloading.

No one can open PHP files in web browsers without a server. Page types such as HTML, Javascript and CSS can be understand by the browsers. But browsers can’t understand PHP. So the file will download.There are two types of file that will run : Client-side and Server-side Client Side : The program runs in browser itself. The client can easily access the code. The browser can understand the language in which the client program is written.... [READ MORE]

How To Create A Localhost Web Site In Linux Using Apache Web Server

Localhost is a hosting place in your own computer. There are a vast number of Localhost servers you can use. The most used and popular of them is Apache. Localhost enables you to test your work on your computer itself, instead of testing on a live server on the web. If you are creating a project, Localhost is the best place to test that project. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a localhost site running on Apache Server in any Linux Distribution.... [READ MORE]

Tutorial : Write a file using php

Hi. You must have heard of writing file using PHP. You want to know how to do this. I’ll tell you. Please follow these steps. 1 – Open your php file in text editor. Paste this code in it. This will write Hello to a file named file.html. Enjoy!!!... [READ MORE]

Tutorial : How to add date and time using php

You might want to add date and time using php in your php files. I will tell you how to do it. 1 – Go to your PHP page. Paste this code where you want to add date and time            date("J-F- Y–H:I A") This code will Show date and time in Date-Month-Year –Hour:Minute:AM/PM If you want to change the type of showing date and time just change the position of the letters.... [READ MORE]


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