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Add Invite Facebook Friends Feature In A Website

Please read this before continuing : Looks like Facebook is making restrictions into this. Note that, this tutorial is not officially supported by Facebook. You can say this is a trick or a hack. So, no guarantee whether this will work now or in the future. This worked before, but it has been noted that Facebook is restricting this "hack". There is an Invite feature for Facebook apps.... [READ MORE]

Add Pagination To MySQL Database Result In PHP

Pagination makes the results tidy and simple. When there are many results, pagination helps sorting them out and adding each results to specific pages. In PHP, it’s real simple. You can use this tutorial to add a pagination to your database results in PHP. Demo We will be using PDO for database connection and queries. The Database table named "users" is like this : id First_Name Last_Name 1 Subin Siby 2 Peter Charles 3 Thomas Chacko It contains more and more data.... [READ MORE]

E-Mail Verification Script In PHP Using Mailgun API

As years goes, so does the increase in SPAM on the web. Most users sign up on services with a fake E-Mail. They might even use other’s E-Mail for signing up. This is a big problem, because when you send an email to the signed up user, it goes to the wrong guy. So, you should verify user’s email before signing them up. You might think that it would cost database memory.... [READ MORE]

How To Create A Simple Web Crawler in PHP

A Web Crawler is a program that crawls through the sites in the Web and indexes those URL‘s. Search Engines uses a crawler to index URL’s on the Web. Google uses a crawler written in Python. There are other search engines that uses different types of crawlers. In this post I’m going to tell you how to create a simple Web Crawler in PHP. The codes shown here was created by me.... [READ MORE]

How To Create A Simple Password Strength Checker In jQuery

A lot of new hacking methods are coming day by day. So it’s the programmers duty to make their user’s password secure. Here is a simple Password Strength Checker created using jQuery. The code contain a function got from WordPress (I modified it) which is the core component of the checker. This checker will check the following on the password : Have minimum value of 4 characters. Whether the username matches with password Whether the password contain small a-z characters and capital A-Z characters.... [READ MORE]

Javascript code Compressor Tool

If long long Javascript codes are compressed, it will make the page load faster. In this post I’m going to suggest a perfect tool for compressing Javascript code. The tool is JsCompress. Go to to see the compressor in action. You have three options: Paste Code and Compress Compress code in files Compress Multiple files into one. It’s a great tool and it will help you reduce the file size up to 100 KB.... [READ MORE]

Upload your image to the web in just a minute without registering

There are many websites for uploading images for various purposes. Some of the popular services are Picasa, Flickr etc…. But you need an account for using the services shown above. If you don’t want to waste any time and upload image in just a minute, then there a re some services which will upload your image in their servers. In this tutorial I will introduce to a service called Post Image. Go to Post Image (http://www.... [READ MORE]

Get extension of a file using PHP

This function will allow you to get a file’s extension in PHP. function getExtension($fileName){ $i = strrpos($fileName, "."); if (!$i) { return ""; } $length = strlen($str) - $i; $extens = substr($str, $i+1, $length); return $extens; } For example you need to get a extension of the file photo.jpg. To get the extension type this code in your PHP file. <span style="color: #660000;"<?php</span <span style="color: #660000;"echo</span getExtension<span style="color: #660000;"... [READ MORE]

Insert XML Data to MySQL Table Using PHP

This tutorial will help you to insert XML file’s contents to a MySQL Database table using php. Note- If you can’t open PHP files in browser in Ubuntu Linux See the Tutorial : This is the XML data we are going to insert in to our MySQL Table. <span style="font-family: inherit;"<items></span <span style="font-family: inherit;" <item></span <span style="font-family: inherit;" <title>Google</title></span <span style="font-family: inherit;" <url></url></span <span style="font-family: inherit;" </item></span <span style="... [READ MORE]


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