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Replace Strings in Files With PHP & Python

There are softwares already that helps to replace a string in a file. Suppose, if you’re making a program that requires saving some data in to a file. By "adding", the program is actually replacing a word. Let’s see how it’s done in PHP & Python. This is the file where we are going to replace the word : thisWord I got thisWord for making it thatWord replace thisWord already my friend.


Word Palindrome Check in PHP & Python

Palindromes are unique words that are read the same forward and backward. We can identify them using out eyes and brain. How about we identify using a simple program in PHP & Python ? PHP <?php $word = strtolower("Malayalam"); $splitted = str_split($word); $reversedWord = ""; $length = strlen($word); for($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++) $reversedWord .= $splitted[$length - $i - 1]; echo $word == $reversedWord ? "It's a palindrome !


Create Your Own URL Shortening Service Using PHP & jQuery

I made a URL shortening service a year back using PHP & jQuery. It was pretty simple. You should know the concept of URL Shortening. The concept is simple. When a user sends a request to short a URL, PHP will check if the URL is valid. If it’s valid then PHP will make a string of 5 or 6 characters. A folder is created with the name of this string and an index.php file with header function code is created in this folder.


Generating Random String in PHP

In PHP you can generate random number by using rand function, but there is no specific function to generate a random text or string. In this post I’m going to show the function that will generate a random string of length mentioned. Here is the function: function rand_string($length) { $str=""; $chars = "subinsblogabcdefghijklmanopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789"; $size = strlen($chars); for($i = 0;$i < $length;$i++) { $str .= $chars[rand(0,$size-1)]; } return $str; } Usage To generate a random string use rand_string() function with the parameter of length of the to be generated string.







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