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Make Headers Jump Links In WordPress Posts

You might have noticed that the , headers in my blog posts are links that can be used to jump to that section. These links are called Jump Links. These Jump Links can be sent anywhere on web for reading that particular section. This is very useful for tutorials as when someone comments a problem, we can use the link to redirect that user to the section where the solution is situated.... [READ MORE]

Move Blog From Blogger To WordPress With Posts Redirection

If you are fed up with Blogger and wants to move to WordPress, you took a right decision. When migrating, you have to make sure that the posts on your Blogger blog should redirect to the post on the new domain. This might get tricky. If it get tricky, you will lose your visitors. You can find the step by step instructions to properly migrate a Blogger Blog To WordPress with a method to redirect old blog posts to your new blog posts.... [READ MORE]

How To Integrate Disqus Into Blogger Dynamic Views

Disqus works in normal Blogger template but won’t work in Dynamic Views because it don’t support HTML/Javascript widget. But you can edit the contents in head tag of Template and I found a way to integrate the Disqus commenting system in to Blogger. I’m gonna show you how to do that. DEMO Works On Sidebar Classic Flipcard Magazine Mosaic Snapshot Timeslide Disadvantages On Classic Templates Disqus will only be available for the first post, because they won’t allow you to put more than 1 Disqus Comment box on a page... [READ MORE]


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