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Create An Advanced Crawler In PHP

Crawlers are everywhere. They move on and on to many webpages each second. The most biggest of them are Google’s. It already crawled almost 90% of the web and is still crawling. If you’re like me and want to create a more advanced crawler with options and features, this post will help you. DownloadDemo When I created my Search Engine test project, it needed an awesome crawler. I knew that developing one on my own will be hard especially when you have to follow robots.... [READ MORE]

Download Zip Files Dynamically in PHP

Zip file downloading is used by websites. The most important and popular of them is WordPress. They use Zip files for downloading plugins, themes and even their versions. They do it ofcourse, dynamically. You just provide the location of the file and PHP will download it to the user for you. Actually HTTP headers have the main role in the downloading. Demo We make the headers using header function in PHP and the browser will take care of the rest.... [READ MORE]

Implementing Login With Google + In PHP

In the last post, I introduced you to a PHP OAuth Class named OAuth API. In this post I’m going to tell you how to implement Login With Google + feature in PHP using the class I introduced. It’s very simple. I will tell the ways of implementing step by step. This tutorial includes placing a **Login with Google + **button on web site to authorization and finishes when we get user details.... [READ MORE]

Check whether request is made from Ajax – PHP

To check whether a request has been made is from Ajax or not you can use $_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH’]. See the following example: There you go. You now know how to check whether request made to file is from an Ajax Call or not in PHP.... [READ MORE]

Advanced Rest Client : Create and Test custom HTTP requests.

I recently noticed a Google Chrome Webstore app that can be used for making a request to a web site or local site. I loved the app from the beginning. You can send a request to any site with header data, form data etc… You can also attach a file to the form. Ain’t that Awesome. Every web developer must have this app. Install it from Chrome Webstore Features – Integrated with Google Drive – It’s own backend service to store and share data between coworkers – convenient HTTP headers and payload editor thanks CodeMirror – Make a HTTP request (via XmlHttpRequest level 2) – Debug socket (via web socket API).... [READ MORE]

How to replace protocol in links with the window URL protocol

The best way to this is by replacing every HTTP & HTTPS in the HTML file with //. For Example: Subins With : Subins If the location protocol is HTTPS  all links’ protocol will be changed to HTTPS and If the location protocol is HTTP  all links’ protocol will be changed to HTTP. For a mass replacement of links USE Regexxer.... [READ MORE]



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