Advanced Rest Client : Create and Test custom HTTP requests.

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I recently noticed a Google Chrome Webstore app that can be used for making a request to a web site or local site. I loved the app from the beginning. You can send a request to any site with header data, form data etc…

You can also attach a file to the form. Ain’t that Awesome.
Every web developer must have this app. Install it from Chrome Webstore


  • – Integrated with Google Drive
  • – It’s own backend service to store and share data between coworkers
  • – convenient HTTP headers and payload editor thanks CodeMirror
  • – Make a HTTP request (via XmlHttpRequest level 2)
  • – Debug socket (via web socket API).
  • – JSON response viewer
  • – XML response viewer
  • – set custom headers – even does not supported by XmlHttpRequest object
  • – help with filling HTTP headers (hint + code completion)
  • – add headers list as raw data or via form
  • – construct POST or PUT body via raw input, form or send file(s) with request
  • – set custom form encoding
  • – remember latest request (save current form state and restore on load)
  • – save (Ctrl+S) and open (Ctrl+O) saved request forms
  • – history support
  • – data import/export

I am giving this app 4/5 stars 
It’s 4 because it doesn’t support image mime types and it gives a Unexpected Token while parsing some JSON responses.

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