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Free Translate Using Google Without API

Google Translate is one of the best tools on the internet that translates text to another language. Currently it supports 90+ languages. Google has its API for translate, but its not free and you have to go through a lot of procedures. It’s boring, right ? If your app/website needs a translator, this post will help you. As you know Google Translate is a web app and you can monitor the requests it sends to the server.... [READ MORE]

Add Spell Check With PHP Using Google

If you google something that has spelling mistakes, Google will automatically correct it for you or if the bot isn’t sure, it will give the Did You Mean ? clause. If you’re developing a search engine for your site, this spell check will come in handy. If the user had made a mistake and he was shown a “No Results Found” page, user will be annoyed. So, it’s better to have a spell check for your site.... [READ MORE]

Google Hangouts Is Down

Again, one of Google’s service is down. This time it’s Google Hangouts also known before ad Google Talk. Google Sheets are down too. The downtime of these services started from 17 March 9:45 PM IST. I noticed the Internal Server Errors when connecting to Google server by Pidgin messenger. I retried again and again, but the problem still poped up. I went to Twitter and found out, I wasn’t the only one that experienced this problem.... [READ MORE]

Disable Cache For Web Development In Chrome

If you’re developing a web page in Chrome and some changes you applied to code doesn’t take effect on the page, you will be angry. You will look and look into the code for errors. But it’s not the problem with your code. It’s the problem with the browser. The resources loaded on the page are cached. Hence the changes made to the code won’t be applied. So, you need some way to disable the cache.... [READ MORE]

WhatsApp Acquired By Facebook For $19 Billion

The giant mobile messaging service WhatsApp has been acquired by social network giant Facebook for 19 billion US dollars. This is the biggest acquisition by Facebook in their 10 years. Facebook is making it’s way to enter the mobile communication world. The acquisition will make the WhatsApp CEO a billionare. This acquisition will make benefit to both WhatsApp and Facebook. Both companies’ CEO has been in discussions for 2 years. And the time has come for WhatsApp to sell to Facebook.... [READ MORE]

Making Text To Speech In PHP With Google Translate

Google provides text to speech feature on their translator product which is an awesome feature. If you are creating a web app of your own and need a human speaking voice for your app, you will get lost. Google have a URL for creating these audio files when given a text. I will tell you how to implement this text to speech feature on your PHP site without directly compromising the Google URL.... [READ MORE]

Implementing Login With Google + In PHP

In the last post, I introduced you to a PHP OAuth Class named OAuth API. In this post I’m going to tell you how to implement Login With Google + feature in PHP using the class I introduced. It’s very simple. I will tell the ways of implementing step by step. This tutorial includes placing a **Login with Google + **button on web site to authorization and finishes when we get user details.... [READ MORE]

Google + Profile URL Shortening Now Available To The Public

The wait is over. Now you can short your Google + long profile URL to something like Yes, you can get a short URL on Google made this public 3 or 4 days ago. I got a mail saying that your profile is now eligible to short. In this post I’m going to tell the step by step procedure to short the long URL. If you got the mail already you can skip Step 1. Step 1 Go to your Google+ profile page.... [READ MORE]

How To Create A Simple Web Crawler in PHP

A Web Crawler is a program that crawls through the sites in the Web and indexes those URL‘s. Search Engines uses a crawler to index URL’s on the Web. Google uses a crawler written in Python. There are other search engines that uses different types of crawlers. In this post I’m going to tell you how to create a simple Web Crawler in PHP. The codes shown here was created by me.... [READ MORE]

Submitting Blogger Blog Sitemap To Google & Other Search Engines

Sitemap is a XML file that contains all the links of your site/blog. Sitemap can be manually created or automatically created using some online tools. These Sitemap can be submitted to search engine via the tools they provide or by mentioning the sitemap in robots.txt. In Blogger blogs the sitemap is located in different places. In Blogger Blogs with the sub domain, the sitemap is in a simple location ie : But on other blogs ie blogs on custom domains doesn’t have a sitemap like the above URL.... [READ MORE]



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