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Doing Random Things in PHP

Suppose you want to display something randomly in a news feed, or pick random elements from an array, or anything random in general. Programming Languages are used to define the way how something must be done. Hence in a technical way, it can’t do things randomly on it’s own. Otherwise it would be an AI (Artificial Intelligence). Doing random things is not done at compiling, but in execution. In case of PHP, this doesn’t matter as it’s an interpreter.... [READ MORE]

Convert Seconds To Hours, Minutes in PHP

Say you’re running a process that runs in the background. It’s better to not let the user lose their patience and tell them when it will finish. But, you have the time remaining in seconds. If we show the user : 567 seconds to complete He/she (user) would have to take a calculator and convert it into minutes or hours. Or if the guy/gal is not a math genius, he would close the UI and say “What the Hell ?... [READ MORE]

Convert Bytes To KB, MB, GB in PHP

Say you were displaying the size of a file in PHP. You obviously get the file size in Bytes by using filesize(). You won’t have any idea what the file size is if you read it in Bytes. Bytes is useful for file transmission in a network, but not for human usage. So, it’s better to convert it to human readable form. The circled areas show the converted size from Bytes.... [READ MORE]

Minify JavaScript Using PHP

Making JavaScript codes is difficult and long. In Web projects, we try our maximum to minify JavaScript and CSS to serve content better. There are many sites on the Web that helps to compress/minify JS code. There is even a PHP Software to do this. In this post, I’ll tell you how to use the PHP jSqueeze library to minify JavaScript code. DownloadDemo Setting Up You can get the class code of JSqueeze from here.... [READ MORE]

Call Parent Class construct Before Child’s In PHP

If in PHP, you are making a child class of a parent class in which both have the __construct function and you want to call both of them when the child object is made, it won’t work. This is because, when you make the child class object, it’s construct function is called. The parent’s construct function is being overridden by the child. The PHP manual on OOP (Object Oriented Programming) notes this :... [READ MORE]

Native JavaScript Equivalents of jQuery

If you want to do some little task on your website, you don’t need jQuery. But if you only did work with jQuery, you won’t know the JavaScript functions that do the same thing. I have ran in to this problem and found the real JavaScript functions in replacement of jQuery functions. I’m going to share it with you. This post will continue to expand when jQuery adds new functions.... [READ MORE]

‘return false’ vs ‘e.preventDefault()’ In jQuery

I decided to add some improvements to Open and fix some bugs. While I was adding two submit listeners on a form, it didn’t work. I have tried everything but still the problem came up. So, I removed return false; and used e.preventDefault();. It worked ! So, why didn’t the submit listener called on the element ? The problem was return false will do **e.stopPropagation() **and e.preventDefault(). If e.stopPropagation() is ran, then any other submit event handlers of the element won’t call.... [READ MORE]

Check If A String Is JSON in PHP

In my previous post, I gave the isHTML function that returns if a string is HTML or not. In this post, I will give you a simple function of different ways that helps in the detection of valid JSON string in PHP. The function I’m giving are fast, easy and doesn’t take up too much CPU memory. Demo Method 1 JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) can be made in to a PHP object using json_decode.... [READ MORE]

Check If A String Is HTML In PHP

HTML detection can be hard, because HTML is complicated and there aren’t any good 100% parsers for HTML. RegEx won’t help you in detection, so you need something else. The trick to identify HTML which I’m gonna show you is very easy. It’s fast, short and doesn’t use RegEx. You can simply use an if statement to check if a string is HTML or not. Demo PHP’s strip_tags function when given a string, it returns a string that doesn’t have any HTML / PHP characters (according to the manual).... [READ MORE]

Simplest Way To Detect A Mobile Device In PHP

Mobile users are increasing. Most of the site visitors of a website is using mobiles to browse. So you need to redirect users who uses mobile to a mobile page of your site. In Javascript it is easy, because you can check the width and height of the window. But on server side, it can become difficult. You will find is_mobile() function in this post which detects if the client is in mobile or not.... [READ MORE]



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