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Disable Cache For Web Development In Chrome

If you’re developing a web page in Chrome and some changes you applied to code doesn’t take effect on the page, you will be angry. You will look and look into the code for errors. But it’s not the problem with your code. It’s the problem with the browser. The resources loaded on the page are cached. Hence the changes made to the code won’t be applied. So, you need some way to disable the cache.... [READ MORE]

How To Check If Internet Connection Exists In jQuery & Javascript

If you are running an app on the web that requires Internet Connection all the time, sometimes the internet connection will fail on the client side and your app won’t properly work. The best example is the New Tab Chrome Apps that will display the URL icons grayscale when offline and will make the icons back to color when online. To check whether the client’s internet connection is online, we use jQuery.... [READ MORE]

How To Integrate Disqus Into Blogger Dynamic Views

Disqus works in normal Blogger template but won’t work in Dynamic Views because it don’t support HTML/Javascript widget. But you can edit the contents in head tag of Template and I found a way to integrate the Disqus commenting system in to Blogger. I’m gonna show you how to do that. DEMO Works On Sidebar Classic Flipcard Magazine Mosaic Snapshot Timeslide Disadvantages On Classic Templates Disqus will only be available for the first post, because they won’t allow you to put more than 1 Disqus Comment box on a page... [READ MORE]


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