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Setting Iframe height to its content height using Javascript

While loading an iframe on page the most difficult thing is to set it’s height to the height of the content of the iframe. I looked around the web and got the code. This is pure Javascript, doesn’t contain jQuery or any other libraries. Set these functions : function getDocHeight(doc) {     doc = doc || document;     var body = doc.body, html = doc.documentElement;     var height = Math.... [READ MORE]

Scroll Horizontally Without Scrollbar Using jQuery

To scroll horizontally with CSS is very annoying, because the whole page will move vertically and sometimes the Y axis will scroll. So I decided to use jQuery and it’s very simple. Only 237 characters which is only 2 lines. Here is the **jQuery **code with the div id #scrollho. jQuery $('#scrollho').on('mousewheel',function(e){ e.preventDefault(); scrollLeft=$('#scrollho').scrollLeft(); if(e.originalEvent.wheelDeltaY.toString().slice(0,1)=='-'){ $('#scrollho').scrollLeft(scrollLeft+100); }else{ $('#scrollho').scrollLeft(scrollLeft-100); } }); CSS #scrollho{ overflow:hidden; } Explanation The #scrollho div’s scrollbars are hidden with CSS.... [READ MORE]



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