Setting Iframe height to its content height using Javascript

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While loading an iframe on page the most difficult thing is to set it’s height to the height of the content of the iframe. I looked around the web and got the code. This is pure Javascript, doesn’t contain jQuery or any other libraries. Set these functions :

function getDocHeight(doc) {
    doc = doc || document;
    var body = doc.body, html = doc.documentElement;
    var height = Math.max( body.scrollHeight, body.offsetHeight,
        html.clientHeight, html.scrollHeight, html.offsetHeight );
    return height;
function setIframeHeight(id) {
    var ifrm = id;
    var doc = ifrm.contentDocument? ifrm.contentDocument: ifrm.contentWindow.document; = ‘hidden’; = "10px"; // reset to minimal height in case going from longer to shorter doc
    // some IE versions need a bit added or scrollbar appears = getDocHeight( doc ) + 4 + "px"; = ‘visible’;

Now add an event listener to the iframe :


After adding the event listener, the iframe element will look like this :

When the iframe completes loading the function will check it’s content height and set the height of the iframe to it’s content height. Pretty Neat, Huh ?

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