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Fix: Dynamic Views failed to load properly

Well, this problem is pretty annoying to everyone who is using Dynamic Views, even to me. It’s a Blogger fault as always and there has not been a solution to the problem since it started on the Dynamic Views launch. Päivi & Santeri of Global Nomads founded a solution to this problem. Oh! I didn’t said the problem was. The problem is that the whole Blog will fail to load completely/properly. Some of the problems happen when the blog won’t properly load are listed below:... [READ MORE]

Disabling sidebar from fading out in Blogger Dynamic Views Template

The black sidebar on the right side of the blog is hidden and is only visible when mouse is over it. This is a problem because most of the users who are visiting your blog won’t even see the sidebar. The following list shows the advantages of having a sidebar not fading out : Google + Followers Increases More people will subscribe to your blog People will know the popularity of your blog when they see the blog stats and others…….... [READ MORE]



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