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How To Add Disqus Recent Comments Widget

In the last post, I told the way to implement Disqus Combination widget to your web site which have recent comments, popular threads and commented users, all in one. But, if you only need one of it, why load all 3 of them. So, if you only want the Recent Comments widget, you will find this post useful. Screenshot Disqus Recent Comments Widget You can also see a demo on JsFiddle.... [READ MORE]

How To Add Disqus Combination Widget With Customization

Disqus is one of the most used commenting systems in websites. It’s easy, fast and customizable. Disqus also support real time comments. Like any other commenting systems, Disqus provides various widgets for showcasing comments, discussions and commenters. They also have a widget that combines all these together. It is very easy to install this “combination” widget. Disqus Combination Widget You can include this code in Blogger’s HTML Widget or in WordPress’ Text Widget :... [READ MORE]

How To Integrate Disqus Into Blogger Dynamic Views

Disqus works in normal Blogger template but won’t work in Dynamic Views because it don’t support HTML/Javascript widget. But you can edit the contents in head tag of Template and I found a way to integrate the Disqus commenting system in to Blogger. I’m gonna show you how to do that. DEMO Works On Sidebar Classic Flipcard Magazine Mosaic Snapshot Timeslide Disadvantages On Classic Templates Disqus will only be available for the first post, because they won’t allow you to put more than 1 Disqus Comment box on a page... [READ MORE]

How to show Disqus comment count in Blogger

Many of sites have switched to Disqus comment system. It’s fast, easy and simple to use. Many wanted to show the comment count on their homepages. For showing the comment count on your **Blogger Blog **you can just do a simple trick. Go to Blogger -> Template -> Edit HTML. Place this Javascript code above . <script type="text/javascript"> /* * * CONFIGURATION VARIABLES: EDIT BEFORE PASTING INTO YOUR WEBPAGE * * */ var disqus_shortname = '<span style="... [READ MORE]



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