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Into The Drupal Community

I have been using WordPress for 2 years and haven’t tried out other CMS platforms. I heard about Drupal through the internet and via my I.T textbook of my school. But never got the time to try it out. Now, I’m a participant of Google Code In, 2014 and Drupal was one of the Open Source organization in it. I tried Wikimedia last year but it was hard, because it was really big for me to work on.... [READ MORE]

Blog Changes

It’s been some time since I made some changes to the blog apart from new posts. It took me this much time because of school, of course. Here are the main changes that I hope to add to the blog : HTTPS No Ads Short Posts HTTPS There’s nothing like feeling secure in Internet. So, I have decided to add HTTPS support to the site. It’s made possible free of cost, because CloudFlare actually gives HTTPS feature with certificate for absolutely free and it doesn’t require for your server to have a certificate or SSL support.... [READ MORE]

Blog’s 3rd Anniversary

Today, January 30 marks the 3rd anniversary of this blog. Thanks to everyone who have supported me and this blog. With out your help, I couldn’t have run this blog for 3 years. Here are the 5 popular posts of the last 3 years : HOW TO ADD A HEADER IMAGE TO BLOGGER DYNAMIC VIEWS HOW TO REPAIR/RESTORE/REINSTALL GRUB 2 USING A UBUNTU LIVE CD HOW TO ADD A FIXED HEADER TO BLOGGER BLOG... [READ MORE]

E4KS : The Great Work Done By Rajeev Joseph

There are millions of bloggers and blogs in the World Wide Web (WWW). 90 % of those blogs are useful. There are a lot of people who would visit those blogs. Since there are a lot of viewers, most of the blog owners would set up ads on their blog to get maximum revenue. Most of the Bloggers (including me) only set up blogs just to get revenue from it. I’m gonna introduce you to a man that has helped a lot of students (including me) of Kerala.... [READ MORE]

Automatically Redirect A Blogger Blog To Another URL

You can redirect your blog to another URL. This redirection can be done using JavaScript or by adding a special meta tag. This redirection is useful when you want to redirect your old blog users to your new blog. The function we use in JavaScript is window.location and the meta tag has http-equiv attribute. DEMO So Let’s begin. Go to Blogger -> Blog to be redirected -> Template -> Edit HTML. You will get a box with a lot of text.... [READ MORE]

The main reason why adsense was disapproved

From my experience with Adsense I got disapproved after a visit from a URL to my blog. The URL was SPAM which is known as REFERRAL SPAM. See more about REFERRAL SPAM here. Why Adsense account got disapproved of Referral SPAM ? In the Google Adsense policies, It says that you should not pay someone to visit your blog/site. When you are placing the ad on your blog, Google tracks each visit to your blog. When they see a suspicious URL in the traffic sources they count it as a paid to click URL.... [READ MORE]

Is embedding video from YouTube an Adsense violation ?

Many embed YouTube video in to their blogs. This is a adsense violation if the video has: Copyright content Owner is not you Video is Copyrighted and no one is allowed to put it on a site The reasons above may be a reason why your Adsense application was rejected. Please THINK BEFORE YOU ACT while writing each blog posts. You should make sure that the post you are about to write isn’t a copied content or doesn’t contain a copyrighted material such as images, videos etc……... [READ MORE]

Creating a Contact Me page for Blogger Blog

Blogger has added a new widget in their widget page. This widget is a Contact Me widget which allows blog visitors to contact you. This can be added in your blog sidebar or footer. In this tutorial I will tell you to how to add this to a blog page. Create a blank page from Blogger -> Pages -> New Page -> Blank Page Toggle to tab HTML and paste these code in the HTML textarea : Name... [READ MORE]

How to find Blogger Blog ID

You may need your blogger blog id for various needs. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to find the blog id. Go to your blog dashboard on Blogger. See the url of the page in the location bar. In the page url you can see a text blogID= followed by a number until it stops with #. Here’s a sample url : The wheat color background text in the above url is the blog id of that blog.... [READ MORE]



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