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It’s been some time since I made some changes to the blog apart from new posts. It took me this much time because of school, of course. Here are the main changes that I hope to add to the blog :

  • No Ads
  • Short Posts


There’s nothing like feeling secure in Internet. So, I have decided to add HTTPS support to the site. It’s made possible free of cost, because CloudFlare actually gives HTTPS feature with certificate for absolutely free and it doesn’t require for your server to have a certificate or SSL support.

Check the HTTPS enabled site and the direct server one.

No More Ads

I have decided to remove the ads when the ad earnings reach 20$ (currently 18.5$). You might think I’m crazy for disabling ads. But I got pretty reasons for this :

  1. I got more donation money than from ad revenue
  2. Ads are not cool
  3. I hate ads
  4. It slows down the site
  5. Invasion of privacy

These 5 reasons and more made me wanted to stop showing ads. The ads won’t be showed in any of the sites on this domain including Demos, Open, Search & Labs.

Short Posts

Since I’m constantly busy, I don’t have time to write long, long posts. So I decided to share useful stuff in less words. The first post will be published on 22nd October.

The short posts can be seen here. With this feature, I can publish more posts easily and efficiently.

Theme : Round Border

Before, there was no round border. Instead, it was just flat. To make it more modern, I have added "border-radius" property with value "10px" to the widgets of sidebar and the article holder.

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