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Make Headers Jump Links In WordPress Posts

You might have noticed that the , headers in my blog posts are links that can be used to jump to that section. These links are called Jump Links. These Jump Links can be sent anywhere on web for reading that particular section. This is very useful for tutorials as when someone comments a problem, we can use the link to redirect that user to the section where the solution is situated.... [READ MORE]

New Theme Brenton

It’s been some time since I have been active on this blog. For the past months, I had been paying little attention to my blog. It’s because I was busy with other projects and school of course. From now on, I’ll try to make the blog more active. As a first step, I have updated the theme. This is the third update to the theme. The previous themes were named "Subin’s Blog V1" & "Subin’s Blog V2".... [READ MORE]

Theme Version 2

If you are reading this post, you should have seen the new UI of my blog. It’s a custom made theme created in a week during the exams. It’s similar to the old theme because, I liked it colorful and dark at the same time. I’m a Batman fan and black is good for the eyes. As a programmer, you don’t want to hurt your eyes. The theme is named "Subin’s Blog V2".... [READ MORE]

Into The Drupal Community

I have been using WordPress for 2 years and haven’t tried out other CMS platforms. I heard about Drupal through the internet and via my I.T textbook of my school. But never got the time to try it out. Now, I’m a participant of Google Code In, 2014 and Drupal was one of the Open Source organization in it. I tried Wikimedia last year but it was hard, because it was really big for me to work on.... [READ MORE]

StatCounter Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress

StatCounter doesn’t really have a Popular Posts plugin for WordPress. Though many WordPress blog uses SC, it doesn’t have a widget that shows the Popular Posts. I uses it and wanted to have this feature. So, I created a plugin called StatCounter Popular Posts written in short ad SPP. It’s a plugin that adds a widget to WordPress which can be added to the WordPress Site layout (sidebar, footer, header …).... [READ MORE]

New Theme : Light, Simple & Fast

As you can see, I changed the theme of this blog with a new theme. If you have visited, you can see there are similarities to it’s theme and mine. I really liked Chris Coyer’s theme and I contacted him to lend me the theme. But, no response. So, I decided that I should create my own theme. By WordPress Support forum, I found _s site. Underscores provide a starter theme for WordPress.... [READ MORE]

Disable jQuery Migrate Loading In WordPress Blog

If you run a WordPress blog with all the new stuff (functions) and still WordPress loads the jQuery Migrate on your blog, you will be angry (I know hot it feels). The jQuery Migrate file’s minified version is about 7 KB and the unminified version is about 17 KB. That’s a file you don’t need if your blog’s jQuery functions aren’t deprecated. What’s jQuery Migrate ? jQuery Migrate is a JavaScript file that adds the jQuery deprecated functions to the page which makes us to use the deprecated functions of jQuery.... [READ MORE]

Posting Code Blocks On WordPress

If you’re a web developer or a programmer and have a programming blog set up in WordPress, you will find it difficult to include codes in the posts. There is no tool in the Visual Editor toolbar menu to automatically wrap a piece of code into a code block. So you have to manually go to the Text version of the post and add the code in HTML <pre> or <code> tag or inside <pre><code></code></pre>.... [READ MORE]

Configure WordPress To Not Use FTP To Do Stuff

By default, if you want to install plugins or upgrade WordPress, you have to provide the FTP details. If you are running WordPress on localhost, you won’t have the FTP credentials. In this case you won’t be able to install plugins or upgrade WordPress. There is a way to configure WP to don’t use FTP, instead install directly using the Read/Write permission of folder. If WordPress can’t install anything without FTP, it needs another method – direct install.... [READ MORE]

Move Blog From Blogger To WordPress With Posts Redirection

If you are fed up with Blogger and wants to move to WordPress, you took a right decision. When migrating, you have to make sure that the posts on your Blogger blog should redirect to the post on the new domain. This might get tricky. If it get tricky, you will lose your visitors. You can find the step by step instructions to properly migrate a Blogger Blog To WordPress with a method to redirect old blog posts to your new blog posts.... [READ MORE]


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