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Set Same Time Zone in PHP & MySQL

Time Zones are important if you’re creating a social app which will include chat, social network and others which is interacted with the society. There are many time zones and you have to choose one to set in your server. I would totally recommend using UTC instead of your time zone in server. Web Server and Database server are different and they each have their own configuration. This includes the time zone too.... [READ MORE]

Create a Search Engine In PHP, MySQL | Part 3

This is the Part 3 of "How To Create A Search Engine In PHP". In this part, We make additional adjustments and make the search engine more awesome and cool. DownloadDemo Bot Page Our crawler leaves a mark on every pages it visit. In other words a custom User Agent String goes with each requests to web pages. In the previous part, we set the user agent string as :... [READ MORE]

Create a Search Engine In PHP, MySQL | Part 2

This is the Part 2 of "How To Create A Search Engine In PHP". In this part, We’ll add code to files that are being displayed to the users. We make the database and the table in this part. DownloadDemo index.php The main page of our Web Search is index.php. It has a simple design and is not very advanced as Yahoo or something else. <?include("inc/functions.php");?> <html> <head> <?... [READ MORE]

Create A Search Engine In PHP, MySQL | Part 1

When we all search on the web using Google, Yahoo or Bing, we are curious about how it works and how it gets all the information on the web. When us programmers started coding, we all wanted to create a search engine. I too attempted to create a search engine and I ultimately failed (3 years back). But now, I improved my coding skills, improved my knowledge and ideas. So, I decided to create a new search engine with automatic crawling, indexing and stuff.... [READ MORE]

Group Chat In PHP With Users’ Typing Status

I wrote a post on creating Group Chat in PHP. A comment was posted by Ravi asking if it was possible to include user’s typing status. It was a fascinating and a good idea to add user’s typing status. So, I worked on the code and knew it was possible. I’m going to tell you how to implement the display of users’ typing status on the Group Chat I created earlier.... [READ MORE]

Create A Trending Box In PHP With MySQL & HTML

Trending boxes can be seen is social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google + have it. Why not create one of your own. You can create your own using HTML and add styling by CSS. We will use PHP for updating most searched queries in MySQL database. Demo How the trending box looks like :Trending Box We need a table for storing the search queries. For this we are going to create a table named "trends".... [READ MORE]

Add Pagination To MySQL Database Result In PHP

Pagination makes the results tidy and simple. When there are many results, pagination helps sorting them out and adding each results to specific pages. In PHP, it’s real simple. You can use this tutorial to add a pagination to your database results in PHP. Demo We will be using PDO for database connection and queries. The Database table named "users" is like this : id First_Name Last_Name 1 Subin Siby 2 Peter Charles 3 Thomas Chacko It contains more and more data.... [READ MORE]

Create Group Chat In PHP With MySQL, jQuery And AJAX

Chatting is one of the most implemented feature on websites. Group chat makes users to share their feelings and other news easily to their friends easily. AJAX makes this chatting more beautiful, elegant, simple and comfortable. Group chats may be vulnerable to SQL injections and XSS attacks. But in this post where we’re going to make a group chat that doesn’t have these vulnerabilities which makes it more awesome. You can see a demo, or you can download the files directly.... [READ MORE]

Create MySQL Injection free Secure Login System in PHP

There were a lot of people who created tutorials to create a PHP Login System. But they were all vulnerable to MySQL Injection. In this post I’m going to demonstrate a login system free of this vulnerability. It is very secure. There are mysqli and PDO in PHP to escape these injections. We are going to use **PDO ( PHP Data Object **). Download Demo UPDATE – logSys There is a new, free, better Advanced Login System which you can check out here.... [READ MORE]

How to execute a PHP PDO prepared statement

PDO – a method used to execute SQL statements risk free. Fast, secure and easy when compared to mysqli and mysql functions in PHP. A lot of newbies including me heard about PDO mostly in the 2010 – 2013 years when a lot of sites got hacked of Mysql Injection. PDO is the easiest and safest way to execute an SQL code, complete risk free. In this post I’m gonna tell you how to execute a prepared statement in PDO and the common mistakes made by programmers which results an error while executing SQL code.... [READ MORE]


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