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School Election Software "sElec"

I’m currently studying in 12th grade at Government Model Girls Higher Secondary School. Don’t mind the word “Girls” in the name, because in higher secondary both boys and girls study. Like schools all over the world, we have an election for each classes to select our class leader. Even in 21st century, our schools were conducting the election with ballot papers. So I thought why not make a software for it ?... [READ MORE]

Vote For Lobby

I have mentioned before about my new project Lobby – A Web Operating System. I have been developing it for the past 1.5 years in my free time. It has been partially completed. To learn more about it, I request you to read this. I’m writing this post to request you to vote for the package Lobby in PHPClasses. If Lobby win it, more people would know about Lobby and I can develop the project further.... [READ MORE]

The Anagram Game

As you know, I have made Lobby – The localhost OS. I am in the process of adding more and more apps to it. This post explains how I created the Anagram game and the algorithm used for it. You can download the app from here or search for “Anagram” in the Lobby Store. The full source code is available on GitHub. Anagram Game How It Works ? There is a dictionary file containing many english words.... [READ MORE]

logSys Admin

After the release of logSys in May 2014, many have been asking for an admin panel of logSys. It’s finally here. I’m extremely happy to release logSys Admin as an app of Lobby. logSys Admin Logo You can find the app here on Lobby. Installation Download & Install Lobby. Open Lobby Open **Lobby Store **and search for “logSys Admin”. Click Install button. Usage Open App from the Lobby Dashboard and click “Go To Admin” button.... [READ MORE]


[][1]Lobby Logo Lobby is a new project of mine which was under development for more than a year. I’m proud to release it today with the first version 0.2. Lobby is a localhost Operating System like Android, iOS etc. What It Is I’ll explain it to you. There are many OSs in this world. From Ubuntu to Windows to Mac to Android to iOS and so on… Developing an application is tough as you have to port it to different OSs.... [READ MORE]



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