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Create Text Editor like Blogger Using HTML & jQuery

You might have seen text editors where you can bold a text, italic a text etc… The perfect example of this the Blogger Post Text Editor.  This is a simple tutorial that will create a text editor using HTML, Jquery & JavaScript. Download Demo We have two files, index.html which contains the HTML code and texteditor.js which contains the jQuery code. You should include the texteditor.... [READ MORE]

Toggle Element visibility using a little piece of code – Jquery Toggle

You might wanted to Show/Hide element based on the visibility of the element. If the visibility is block  , hide the element and if visibility is none, show the element. You can do this without the if statement. You can do this in just a line of code. For example : if we want to toggle the visibility of a div with the id sh. $("#sh").toggle(); If the div #sh is hidden the code above code will make it visible and if it is visible the code will hide the div #sh.... [READ MORE]

Jquery ExtAjax Plugin : Submit forms to external files using Jquery

Hi. You can’t submit a form to external file using Jquery Ajax. Finally I created a Jquery Plugin to solve this problem. I named it ExtAjax. This Jquery Plugin will help you to submit a form to a external file without refreshing the page. Requirements 1) Jquery Latest Version 2) extajax.js file Here’s how the HTML file will look like:... [READ MORE]

Refresh a Div container in equal intervals of time

Hi this tutorial will help you to refresh a div every 10 seconds. You can change the seconds if you want. For this we are going to use Jquery. The html of the div container  jQuery Code <script src=""></script> <script>setInterval(function() {$('#refreshdiv').load('divcontainer.html')}, 10000);</script> divcontainer.html  This is loading in the div #refreshdiv. This example will load divcontainer.html in the div #refreshdiv and refresh the div after 10 seconds.... [READ MORE]


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