Jquery ExtAjax Plugin : Submit forms to external files using Jquery

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Hi. You can’t submit a form to external file using Jquery Ajax. Finally I created a Jquery Plugin to solve this problem. I named it ExtAjax.
This Jquery Plugin will help you to submit a form to a external file without refreshing the page.


1) Jquery Latest Version

2) extajax.js file

Here’s how the HTML file will look like:

form" action="http://yahoo.com/search" method="get">

Here is the Jquery code added in the file above.

Replace the red colored codes above with the id or class of your form eg: #form2 , .myform
The form :

form" action="http://yahoo.com/search" method="get">

Replace the blue colored line with your form id. It should be same on the script too.
Replace the red colored line with the type of method of the post (post or get).
Replace the green colored line with the place you want to submit the form to.


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