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How to add Subins Like button to blogger/blogspot

You might have know The Subins Project created by me. It is hosted by AppFog. If you want to add Subins Like button to your blog, then follow these steps. Go to Blogger Place this code where you want to add the Subins Like Button. BLOG URL‘> If you want to add like button on post footer then follow the steps mentioned below.... [READ MORE]

How to alert user that he is the ___th visitor of blogger/blogspot blog?

If you ever visited my blog on the day it’s reaching a big view (24000 , 25000) you will get a javascript alert saying you are the 24000th visitor like this : The above image shows that the blog alerted when the user was the 23000 visitor. It will also change the background to this. Want to have this feature on your blog ??? You are in the right place.... [READ MORE]

Selecting a particular parent in Jquery

If you want to select a particular parent div. Then you should use parents() function. If you use parent() function It won’t work. For Example: index.html        This is the a tag!!     If you want to get the id of the main parent which is .main then you should use Jquery code like this: $("#click").live(‘click’, function(){ alert($(this).parents(".main").attr(‘id’)); }); The code above will alert the id of the main parent.... [READ MORE]

Create Text Editor like Blogger Using HTML & jQuery

You might have seen text editors where you can bold a text, italic a text etc… The perfect example of this the Blogger Post Text Editor.  This is a simple tutorial that will create a text editor using HTML, Jquery & JavaScript. Download Demo We have two files, index.html which contains the HTML code and texteditor.js which contains the jQuery code. You should include the texteditor.... [READ MORE]

Removing HTML tags in an input element.

index.html (Removing HTML in INPUT element). var el = document.getElementById("in"); // or just another HTML DOM element var text = el.value.replace(/]+/g, "");  document.getElementById("in").value=text; in" value="Subin" If the code above didn’t worked try placing the script after the input element. This is the script   var el = document.getElementById("in"); // or just another HTML DOM element var text = el.... [READ MORE]

How to Stop your Blogger Blog from Redirecting to Country Domains

When you open your blog you will be redirected to the country based domain of your blog. This will affect your blog badly. For Example: The social stats – or Facebook Likes, Google +1s and Tweet counts – for your blog stories may be diluted as the URLs for the same story become different from different visitors. You will have a similar problem if you are using an external commenting platform like Disqus or Facebook Comments.... [READ MORE]


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