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How To Add Disqus Recent Comments Widget

In the last post, I told the way to implement Disqus Combination widget to your web site which have recent comments, popular threads and commented users, all in one. But, if you only need one of it, why load all 3 of them. So, if you only want the Recent Comments widget, you will find this post useful. Screenshot Disqus Recent Comments Widget You can also see a demo on JsFiddle.... [READ MORE]

How To Add Disqus Combination Widget With Customization

Disqus is one of the most used commenting systems in websites. It’s easy, fast and customizable. Disqus also support real time comments. Like any other commenting systems, Disqus provides various widgets for showcasing comments, discussions and commenters. They also have a widget that combines all these together. It is very easy to install this “combination” widget. Disqus Combination Widget You can include this code in Blogger’s HTML Widget or in WordPress’ Text Widget :... [READ MORE]

Create Global Functions In JavaScript

Normally, a function defined would not be accessible to all places of a page. Say a function is mentioned using “function checkCookie()” on a external file loaded first on a page. This function cannot be called by the JavaScript file loaded last. So you have to make it a Global function that can be called from anywhere on a page. The “window” is a Global Object that has a lot of functions.... [READ MORE]

Position AddThis Recommended Content Section With jQuery

AddThis smart layer have a recommended content feature that adds a recommended content box to your page. This box is by default will be placed at the end of the page. A normal user won’t notice this. To make the recommended content noticeable, you have to move it to someplace else. But, AddThis doesn’t support the positioning of the recommended content. So, the only way to move the recommended content box is to find a hack.... [READ MORE]

Load Data While Scrolling Down With jQuery & PHP

If your site have a lot of data to display on a page, it will make the page laggy. With this tutorial, you can limit the data on the main page and load new data when user reach the bottom of the page. This makes it easy to show huge data in a single page. Before user reaches the end of page. After user reaches the end of page. Demo jQuery will trigger a POST request when user reaches the end of the page.... [READ MORE]

Create Group Chat In PHP With MySQL, jQuery And AJAX

Chatting is one of the most implemented feature on websites. Group chat makes users to share their feelings and other news easily to their friends easily. AJAX makes this chatting more beautiful, elegant, simple and comfortable. Group chats may be vulnerable to SQL injections and XSS attacks. But in this post where we’re going to make a group chat that doesn’t have these vulnerabilities which makes it more awesome. You can see a demo, or you can download the files directly.... [READ MORE]

Add @mentions To Input Fields – jQuery sMention Plugin

Mentioning persons using **@ **is pretty common on social web sites. Facebook, Google+ and even StackOverflow have the **@mention **feature. They developed it on their own and doesn’t share the code with others. If you are developing a social site, then it’s better to have this mention feature. I wanted this, but the jQuery plugins I found was too big. The first plugin I found was 20 KB ! This made me create a plugin of my own to accomplish my need.... [READ MORE]

Check If a Number is Odd Or Even In PHP & JavaScript

Odd numbers and even numbers are used in programming languages. To check if a number is even or odd needs brilliant code. In this post, you will be introduced to checkNum() function in both PHP and JavaScript. This functions will return even for even numbers and odd for odd numbers. Parameters $num – An integer (PHP) num – An integer (JS) Returns “odd” for odd number, “even” for even number.... [READ MORE]

Check If jQuery is Loaded Using typeof Operator in JavaScript

jQuery is the most used and popular library of JavaScript. If jQuery isn’t loaded, a jQuery coded site will not function properly. Such sites will reload automatically or give an error when jQuery isn’t loaded. But, how do they check if jQuery is loaded ? You will find a simple solution to accomplish this task in this post. Since, jQuery won’t be loaded, we can’t check if jQuery is loaded using jQuery.... [READ MORE]

Replace Broken Images With Default Image Using JavaScript OR jQuery OR HTML

Images are common in web pages now a days. These images make the web page attractive and beautiful. But sometimes due to problems, some images won’t load completely. When the image doesn’t load completely, that image is said to be a broken image. When the image is broken, the Browser will replace that broken image with an ugly image or replace the broken image with a blank space. I have included a broken image below.... [READ MORE]



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