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Google + Profile URL Shortening Now Available To The Public

The wait is over. Now you can short your Google + long profile URL to something like Yes, you can get a short URL on Google made this public 3 or 4 days ago. I got a mail saying that your profile is now eligible to short. In this post I’m going to tell the step by step procedure to short the long URL. If you got the mail already you can skip Step 1. Step 1 Go to your Google+ profile page.... [READ MORE]

Password protect folder using HTACCESS

HTACCESS is able to protect folders with passwords. To password protect folders you should mention the location of .htpasswd – a file that contains the username and password to unlock the folder. First of all create a .htaccess file if doesn’t exists and create a .htpasswd file. Now Add username and password to the .htpasswd file which you can get from this simple tool. Add the following text in .htaccess : AuthName "This folder requires a login"... [READ MORE]



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