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SPAM URL’s in Blogger Traffic Source Stats : What should I do ?

You might have noticed a great volume of sites you never heard of coming to your site apart from Search Engine URL’s. Some of those URL’s are and These kind of URL‘s are SPAM. The SPAM site is referring your site but they are not persons, they’re BOTS. These bots are visiting your site just for fun. These bots don’t read your posts or anything. They’re just a pile of robots.... [READ MORE]

Get Google Profile Picture URL by email id using PHP

This is a trick using Google Profile. First of all we are going to set a variable with a Google E-mail address (Gmail address). We are going to set it with my E-mail address $email=’[email protected]’;  Then we are going to split @ from the mail address. list($id, $domain) = split("@",$email); Next we are going to send a request to Google Profiles to fetch the IMAGE url. $headers = get_headers("".$id, 1); The variable $id above is from the splitted part.... [READ MORE]

My Short URL – a site for shortening URL’s

My Short URL is my latest invention. A site for shortening URL’s like and <div> You can short URL&#8217;s on the site <a href="" style="font-weight: bold;">MSURL.TK</a>. </div> <div> </div> As other projects the site is also hosted by AppFog and the free domain is given by My.Dot.TK. The project was created under 30 minutes and the lines of code is less that 64. It’s written in PHP as you already know it.  The shortened URL only has 13 characters (without HTTP://).... [READ MORE]

Create Text Editor like Blogger Using HTML & jQuery

You might have seen text editors where you can bold a text, italic a text etc… The perfect example of this the Blogger Post Text Editor. This is a simple tutorial that will create a text editor using HTML, Jquery & JavaScript. Download Demo We have two files, index.html which contains the HTML code and texteditor.js which contains the jQuery code. You should include the texteditor.js in index.html.index.html <span style="... [READ MORE]



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