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StatCounter Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress

StatCounter doesn’t really have a Popular Posts plugin for WordPress. Though many WordPress blog uses SC, it doesn’t have a widget that shows the Popular Posts. I uses it and wanted to have this feature. So, I created a plugin called StatCounter Popular Posts written in short ad SPP. It’s a plugin that adds a widget to WordPress which can be added to the WordPress Site layout (sidebar, footer, header …).... [READ MORE]

SPAM URL’s in Blogger Traffic Source Stats : What should I do ?

You might have noticed a great volume of sites you never heard of coming to your site apart from Search Engine URL’s. Some of those URL’s are and These kind of URL‘s are SPAM. The SPAM site is referring your site but they are not persons, they’re BOTS. These bots are visiting your site just for fun. These bots don’t read your posts or anything. They’re just a pile of robots.... [READ MORE]

20,000 Views. Thank you.

Hello Visitors. I am very excited to tell you that my blog has reached 20,000 views. Thanks to everyone who visited my blog. Hope the posts helped you. Thanks for this amazing achievement. Hope my blog would get more views and someday my blog will reach 1,00,000 views. Thank you guys. You were amazing.... [READ MORE]



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