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PHP Secure, Advanced Login System

We all get new ideas every day. With the idea, we build more and more sites. Mostly, the sites would have a login system, right ? So, when we create new projects (sites) every time, we will have to create login systems for each one. I do the same thing and I’m tired of creating the same thing over and over again. So, I decided to create a login system that can be integrated to any PHP powered sites.... [READ MORE]

Log In With Username / E-Mail in PHP Login System

If your login system have both username and email parameter, then you can allow your users to log in with username or email. This is very easy for users, because if they forget their username, then they can log in with their email address. I will tell you an easy to way to set up log in with both username and email. It’s very easy. Demo A change in your SQL query can make this possible.... [READ MORE]

Encryption & Decryption Using Mcrypt In PHP

Mcrypt is a replacement of Unix‘s popular command crypt. It is a file encryption tool. Mcrypt uses modern algorithms for encrypting. Hence it is considered as secure and safe. To encrypt a string, Mcrypt requires a key to encrypt and decrypt. This key have a critical role in encryption and decryption. In this post I’ll be giving out two functions that will encrypt and decrypt based on a key. The Key We should use the same key for both encryption and decryption.... [READ MORE]

Create MySQL Injection free Secure Login System in PHP

There were a lot of people who created tutorials to create a PHP Login System. But they were all vulnerable to MySQL Injection. In this post I’m going to demonstrate a login system free of this vulnerability. It is very secure. There are mysqli and PDO in PHP to escape these injections. We are going to use **PDO ( PHP Data Object **). Download Demo UPDATE – logSys There is a new, free, better Advanced Login System which you can check out here.... [READ MORE]



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