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Move Blog From Blogger To WordPress With Posts Redirection

If you are fed up with Blogger and wants to move to WordPress, you took a right decision. When migrating, you have to make sure that the posts on your Blogger blog should redirect to the post on the new domain. This might get tricky. If it get tricky, you will lose your visitors. You can find the step by step instructions to properly migrate a Blogger Blog To WordPress with a method to redirect old blog posts to your new blog posts.... [READ MORE]

Automatically Redirect A Blogger Blog To Another URL

You can redirect your blog to another URL. This redirection can be done using JavaScript or by adding a special meta tag. This redirection is useful when you want to redirect your old blog users to your new blog. The function we use in JavaScript is window.location and the meta tag has http-equiv attribute. DEMO So Let’s begin. Go to Blogger -> Blog to be redirected -> Template -> Edit HTML. You will get a box with a lot of text.... [READ MORE]



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