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E4KS : The Great Work Done By Rajeev Joseph

There are millions of bloggers and blogs in the World Wide Web (WWW). 90 % of those blogs are useful. There are a lot of people who would visit those blogs. Since there are a lot of viewers, most of the blog owners would set up ads on their blog to get maximum revenue. Most of the Bloggers (including me) only set up blogs just to get revenue from it. I’m gonna introduce you to a man that has helped a lot of students (including me) of Kerala.... [READ MORE]

Better Google Chrome History Page

As you know, Google Chrome‘s Browser History is not efficient. It’s history is not like any other browsers. I think they made the History page in a hurry. If we want to search for a page we visited before, we won’t get it by searching on History page. That’s the main problem. This problem was solved when a lot of users created an alternate History Page extension on Chrome Webstore. In this post I’m gonna tell the most used History Alternate Extension.... [READ MORE]



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