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Create A Profile Picture Framer Web App

You might have seen your Facebook friends’ fancy profile pictures with the frame of the sports team they support. These days for any major events, the best way to support them is by adding a frame to your profile picture with their logo. Football (soccer) is my favorite sport. My state Kerala have a franchise club in the Indian Super League called Kerala Blasters. We are the largest club by average crowd attendance and the fans are so passionate.... [READ MORE]

Google + Profile URL Shortening Now Available To The Public

The wait is over. Now you can short your Google + long profile URL to something like Yes, you can get a short URL on Google made this public 3 or 4 days ago. I got a mail saying that your profile is now eligible to short. In this post I’m going to tell the step by step procedure to short the long URL. If you got the mail already you can skip Step 1. Step 1 Go to your Google+ profile page.... [READ MORE]

Get Google Profile Picture URL by email id using PHP

This is a trick using Google Profile. First of all we are going to set a variable with a Google E-mail address (Gmail address). We are going to set it with my E-mail address $email=’[email protected]’;  Then we are going to split @ from the mail address. list($id, $domain) = split("@",$email); Next we are going to send a request to Google Profiles to fetch the IMAGE url. $headers = get_headers("".$id, 1); The variable $id above is from the splitted part.... [READ MORE]



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